20 Middle-Class Foods That VANISHED From The Family Table!

20 Middle-Class Foods That VANISHED From The Family Table!

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Ever wonder what tasty dishes middle-class families enjoyed back in the 1970s? The answer is lots and loads of great food, some of which I’d do anything to have back. The kind of food that made you love dinner time in a middle-class home.

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0:00 Introduction
0:15 Chicken Tetrazzini
1:11 Liverwurst Sandwiches
2:06 Hawaiian Haystacks
2:56 Celery Victor
3:53 Corn Fritters
4:38 Potato Rissoles
5:39 Steak Diane
6:30 Chicken Marengo
7:15 Oyster Stew
8:08 Herring Salad
8:56 Steamed Pudding
9:47 Rabbit Stew
10:40 Bouillabaisse
11:28 Borscht
12:24 Ratatouille
13:16 Haddock Mornay
13:59 Frog Legs
14:48 Chicken Marbella
15:57 Roast Goose
16:41 Rabbit Fricassee

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