Amazing Hawaiian Food at Zoe’s Hawaiian BBQ!

I searched for the best Hawaiian food near me and ended up at Zoe’s Hawaiian BBQ in Santa Maria, CA. This is as close to a Hawaii food tour as I’m going to get. This is my first time trying Loco Moco, Mahi-Mahi, Chicken Katsu, and Spam Musubi. This restaurant is on something else, serving up some delicious Hawaiian dishes and doing it in style. I had myself a little Hawaiian food mukbang in my car. Trust me, you have to try this food! I’m about to hop on a plane and fly to Hawaii.

I appreciate you guys!

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0:00 Restaurant Intro
0:44 Gravy Fries
1:33 Loco Moco
3:01 Macaroni Salad + BEV
4:17 Mahi-Mahi, Chicken Katsu, Teriyaki Beef
8:14 Spam Musubi

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