Asian Fusion Food In Hawaii

I went to check out a restaurant called 1938 Indochine – Qing Mu located in Kaka’ako. There was a super huge bar with comfortable seating at the dining area. You would love the ambience and the servers were friendly. The food was quite good and although I was not a French fries kinda person , their lemongrass fries were to die for 😋. They were thin and crispy. Besides that , the krazy fried rice and imperial rolls were popular orders. I reckon the food was a blend from Cambodia , Myanmar, Thailand , Laos, Vietnam and even a bit of Malaysia ( as I saw a dish on the menu that had Malaysian flavors ) judging from the name of the restaurant. There was ample parking and it was free.

Just in case you’re interested , here is the address :-

1938 Indochine – Qing Mu
602 Ala Moana Blvd.
Honolulu, HI 96813.

Note : I researched a bit and found out that Qing Mu ( Qing Mu noodles restaurent ) is the owner Kevin Aoki family’s surname in Chinese….. He is also the owner of restaurants like Doraku Sushi , Aoki Teppanyaki and Tanaka of Tokyo just to name a few….. interesting 🤓.

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Equipment used for filming : my good old cellphone 😆.

Intro. jingle by Serena Y.

Music : Snowy Stroll Down Mainstreet
by Adam Christgau

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