BRAZIL NEIGHBORHOOD TOUR – Brazilian Coffee, Lunch, and Imperial Palm Trees in Belo Horizonte!

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BELO HORIZONTE, BRAZIL – Belo Horizonte is a city in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais. It’s a beautiful city, very modern and metropolitan, and it’s one of the most well known states in Brazil for food. In this video, we just had a day off and walked around, ate lunch, went to a coffee shop, and visited some attractions in the city like Praça da Liberdade. (NOTE: Watch my full Belo Horizonte food tour here: #BeloHorizonte #coffee #travelvlogs

Prato feito – plate of the day – Here’s a term to know in Portuguese when you visit Brazil, which means the plate of the day. Plenty of simple restaurants will serve a plate of the day option that’s all you need on one plate. Today was the pork ribs, with collard greens, rice and cassava. Price – 13 BRL ($3.24) per plate

Rental car – about $65 per day – Throughout our Trip to Brazil, we rented cars in every city we visited, usually with Hertz (Localiza). Price came to about $65 per day.

OOP Café – We continued on to OOP Café, one of the best cafes in Belo Horizonte serving gourmet freshly roasted Brazilian coffee. Great place to have fantastic coffee when you’re in Belo Horizonte. Price – 7 BRL ($1.74) per cup

Praça da Liberdade – Finally in this visiting tour of attractions and daily living life in Brazil, we walked around Praça da Liberdade, a center square in the city, a park, and I especially loved the imperial palm trees. Big bottle water – 6 BRL ($1.49)

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