Hello everyone! Welcome to a new series called, Aaron Eats! In this series, Aaron is going to be eating and reviewing food that is new to him! The goal of this series, is to expose you to some of our local Hawaii favorite foods. Our San Diegan brother, Aaron, then gives his opinion on these foods, which some are new to him.

In this episode of Aaron Eats, Aaron eats Hawaii! Okay, maybe not literally Hawaii, but local ono grinds (delicious food) on our trip to the island of Oahu! We took Aaron on a trip around our beautiful home and checked out some local locations and grabbed some food for Aaron to eat and review!

PART 2!:

Here are some links to the places that we visited and where we got the food!:

DISCLAIMER: Not all the food that Aaron ate in Aaron Eats Hawaii, is Hawaiian food.

1st Eat:

Samurai Soft Served Ice Cream in Aiea:

Samurai Ice Cream Website:

2nd Eat:

You can find spam musubis at any 7-Eleven convenience store around Oahu!

3rd Eat:

You can find poke at any Foodland store around Oahu!

4th Eat:

Chicken Katsu from L&L Kaneohe (best katsu sauce):

5th Eat:

Ten Grain Kombo musubi from Iyasume

NOTE: Shirokiya: Japan Village Walk is a foodcourt in the Ala Moana mall. There are A LOT more restaurants and places in the Shirokiya foodcourt than we covered in the video. Aaron has only scratched the surface of all the different kinds of food there are in Shirokiya. We definitely recommend that you go and visit this unique Japan inspired foodcourt in Ala Moana.

Shirokiya Food court Website:

Shirokiya Food court:

Have a recommendation for food you want Aaron to eat? Post it down in the comments below!

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