Cassava Cake Recipe | How To Make Filipino Cassava Cake | Filipino Desserts

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Shopping List:
KitchenAid Mixer (5 quart):

Cassava cake is usually brought by one of the aunties or lolas at our Filipino parties. It’s got a chewy, sticky texture, and is super filling!

Cassava, aka “yuca”, is a root vegetable that we usually use for dessert in Filipino recipes. Aside from cassava cake, I’ve seen it used in ginataan (a sweet coconut milk dessert filled with yams, sweet potatoes, bananas, and more), or simply boiled and topped with condensed milk or honey.

You can find cassava in the yams/sweet potato sections, or in the frozen food section of Asian, Hispanic, and American grocery stores. If you’re buying the whole cassava, GOOGLE HOW TO PROPERLY PREPARE IT! Raw cassava is toxic!

Cassava cake is one of the easiest Filipino dessert recipes to attempt at home. It only requires 5 ingredients! Let me know if you decide to make it, and let me know how you liked it!

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