Danish Food Tour – PORK SANDWICH + Legendary Restaurants in Copenhagen!

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Legendary Danish food tour in Copenhagen! One of my favorites types of restaurants to eat at anywhere I travel, are the older, legendary restaurants. So when I was in Copenhagen, I was excited to take a day and go on a legendary Danish food tour, eating at a few of the classic restaurants, and eating some serious classic Danish food. #Copenhagen #Denmark #food

Harry’s Place – Grill Bar – 68 DKK ($10.04) – We started at Harry’s Place, a neighborhood corner grill bar, known for their roasted pork sandwiches. The skin was so crispy, and it was a great place to get this tour started.

Tivoli Gardens – Historical Amusement Park – Next we headed to Tivoli Gardens, one of the oldest amusement parks in the world. Along with walking around and enjoying the scenery, we headed straight to one of the most classic of all restaurants within the park.

Restaurant Grøften – Tivoli Gardens – Restaurant Grøften serves a selection of classic Danish food, including open faced sandwiches, and full plate dishes. We tried a cutlet topped in shrimp, as well as a Danish style schnitzel, which I found out is quite a bit different from other versions that I’ve ever had – Danish style. Total price – 1,150 DKK ($169.81)

Restaurant Kronborg – Easily the highlight Danish food meal of the day was going to the legendary Restaurant Kronborg, a basement restaurant and drinking hall. Their food was incredible, and Esben and I had the Gentlemen’s Lunch set which included an array of traditional style Danish open face sandwiches. What a meal, and I loved the atmosphere and ambiance. Highly recommended when you’re in Copenhagen!

Restaurationen – Finally, to wrap up this legendary food tour of Copenhagen, we ate at Restaurationen, a more modern, yet still traditional Danish restaurant. The food was refined, but delicious, and elegant. Total price – 1,325 DKK ($195.65)

Thank you to Esben (Chef – Rødder https://www.instagram.com/esbengrundtvig/) for taking me around!

Again, thank you to Visit Copenhagen (https://www.instagram.com/visitcopenhagen/) for supporting my trip to Copenhagen.



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