Day Trip to Odaiba (incld. Hawaiian food & an aquarium) | July 2022

I’ve always wanted to make a day trip vlog at some point in my life, lol, like a fancy person. And a proper one, cause the last few I did in the past were like really short, heh. So I figured I’ll give it a try since I always post random stuff on IG, put it on my Stories and they never stay there since it’s, y’know, a story, lmfao~ 😀 Enjoy!

Also I wish I were in Hawaii~ *little sob*
‘Kay, gonna go now, hah 😀

Some places I went to on my day trip:
– Island Vintage Coffee (DECKS)
– Kua Aina Hamburgers (AQUA City)
– Joypolis (DECKS)
– Daiba 1-chome Shoutengai (inside DECKS)
– Ocean/beach area in Odaiba
– UWS Aquarium (Gakyo) – Kingyo/Goldfish aquarium (AQUA City)

Major SIDE NOTE you don’t need to read (lol):
– Also I am currently a *bit* obsessed with the New Zealand actor/comedian, Rhys Darby, hence the reason why I am watching WRECKED, lol! Our Flag Means Death is my favorite show right now, and I just adore it! Damn pirates and this cute, gay pirate show for ruining my life with their adorableness & angst! *insert dramatic scream here*

Ahem, anyways~ Hope you all are having a pleasant day!
Thanks for watching! ❤️


I like video editing as well and post my stuff here!

Music Credit:
– Sunset Dream – Cheel
– Caribbean Hide & Seek – Carmen María and Edu Espinal
– Koto San – Ofshane
– Emerald Seas – Aaron Kenny

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