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Ever wondered how to make Hawaiian Food? Well, this meal is extremely easy to make, and you’ll easily be able to find all of the ingredients to Kalua Pork at your local grocery store.

Hawaiian Kalua Pig is something that’s served commonly here in Hawaii. It’s not only enjoyed at tourist attractions such as luaus and hotels or resorts, it is also something enjoyed by locals at parties and other events.

I was in the military and gone from my home in Hawaii for over 20 years, and I really did miss enjoying meals like this, so I had to come up with a solution to enjoy this tasty meal. I found a solution to make this meal in the slow cooker, instead of the traditional way of burying a full pig in a Hawaiian Imu (oven). The slow cooker method mimics the flavors of a Hawaiian imu with the use of liquid smoke. We found this gem of a technique on allrecipes.com and have been using it ever since.

When it comes to our side dishes, we will of course be using sticky white rice, which is extremely common as a starch here in the islands. We’re also going to be purchasing some Hawaiian poke (raw fish) and Lomi Lomi Salmon (finely diced cooked salmon mixed in a slew of tomatoes, onions, and other ingredients) which I will get at a local supermarket. I’m also going to be grilling hawaiian sweet bread using butter and garlic salt on one side of the slice and cooking it in the pan.

This meal is so yummy, and though it’s not authentically made in the traditional way, the flavors aren’t far off and in these times of convenience and time saving, it truly is a amazing.

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