First time eating Hawaiian Food ft Poke Bowls | KAILUA HAWAII DAY 1 Part 1

Aloha!! It’s our first time travelling to the other side of the world (14hours flight was no joke), visiting Hawaii. We’re super pumped to explore this beautiful island and FEAST!

▶︎Travel tip #1: Get your pocket wifi before travelling to Hawaii. Tbh, we were pretty surprised that we couldn’t find any shops at the Honolulu International Airport Arrival Terminal. There were only stalls that sell shutter bus tickets to the city and cab rides.

▶︎Travel tip #2: Don’t get a cab outside of the airport. Use Uber, you’ll save a lot of $$$. We had no choice but to get a cab because we didn’t have any wifi connection and had to pay close to $100 to get to our Airbnb. #madness

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