GROWING OUR OWN FOOD IN HAWAII ☼ Agri-Tourism at Hedonisia Hawaii Eco Community

At Hedonisia Eco Hostel in Hawaii, we grow a lot of our own foods. These are available for guests and volunteers to pick and eat at their leisure. Tropical fruits include bananas, avocados, papayas, rollinia, rambutan, ulu, lilikoi and starfruit among others.

Pre & Post Volcano Community:


The Hedonisia philosophy is based on ‘pleasurable activism’. We work hard to make a difference but try to have fun doing so.

Hedonisia Hawaii Eco-Community was founded by Mojo Mustapha in 2004. It was a sustainable, jungle community based on eco-tourism and a portfolio of activist and ecofeminist projects.

Sadly, Hedonisia Hawaii was destroyed in the Kilauea volcano eruption of 2018.

2018 Kilauea Volcano Eruption Destruction of Hedonisia Hawaii

Post-Volcano, we continue to work on creative social and book projects as an online community.


???? Post & Pre-Volcano Hedonisia Hawaii Community.​
????Activist Entrepreneur:
????Hedonisia Handbook: :
????Lava to Lotus Web Portfolio:

???? Hedonisia Creative Communication: Diversity of People & Opinions
????Hedonisia Diversity and Free Speech:
????Warrior WoMan:
????Talking Sh*t & Sugar:
????Cougars for World Peace:

???? Hedonisia Pleasurable Activism Web Projects
???? EcoSensual Natural Birth Control Calendar.​
???? Reproductive rights information for women across the planet.​
???? Museum of sensual art & literature from around the world.​

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