Hawaii Humpback Whale Marine Sanctuary at Maui Sands Resort

Live webcam feed from the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale Marine Sanctuary off the island of Maui. The Sanctuary, which spans all the way to the mysterious island of Molokai and Lanai in the distance, is the birthing and mating grounds of the North Pacific Humpback Whale population. They can be seen breaching, fin and tail slapping in large numbers here from December to April. This live feed rotates from north (tiny Mokuho’Oniki Island and Kahana, Maui), west (Island of Molokai) to south (Island of Lanai)

Just in front is the Kahekili Marine Reserve – one of only three conservation zones on Maui and a popular spot for watching green sea turtles feed on seaweed. Spot the occasional pod of dolphins or a rare sighting of the critically endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal. Morning rainbows are common and the sunsets in the evening are spectacular.

This is the exact view that guests of Maui Sands Unit 4B experience right from the ground floor lanai. Unit 4B is a carbon neutral, eco-friendly and fully-equipped condo. Maui Sands is one of the original condo resorts in all of West Maui and it has retained a lot of the old Hawaii vintage feel of the 60’s before the hotel boom. If you would like to experience this view in person, visit http://www.mauisands.com to find out more.

The researchers at the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale Marine Sanctuary at NOAA has asked for your help in spotting Humpback Whales. Specifically, they want our viewers to report anything unusual with the Humpbacks such as vessel strikes, entanglements etc. If you spot a humpback and more importantly see one in distress, please make note of the day and time (time on the bottom left of video) and email the details to whalesighting@mauisands.com. We will forward your report right away to the Maui Island coordinator at NOAA.

If you spot any other marine creatures such as Hawaiian Monk Seals, Spinner Dolphins or Sea Turtles (Green or Hawksbill) feel free to report it in the live chat.

Chat Rules: English only, no retractions please.

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