Hawaii vlog | Day – 3 |Hana Highway | Black sand beach | Hawaiian food |

This is the best road trip I have ever seen. It was so scenic – waterfalls everywhere and dense rainforest. The road was wet, narrow and through the mountains. At places it was so narrow that only one car could pass. From Kaanapali on the west coast of Maui to Hana on the east coast, it took 3 hrs. We stopped in so many places to hike over to the next rainfall and to see the unique plants. Finally we reached Hana and had some of the best Thai food. Then we went to the very unique black sand beach and red sand beach and swam for a short time. I have never seen beach sand so coarse and of such color. The explanation is the effect of volcanic lava fragments. I can’t describe the beauty, just watch the video. This trip was so memorable for both of us.

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