Hawaiian Food at People’s Cafe in Honolulu (Guest Appearance with Grandma)

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Hawaiian food is not all that well-known outside of Hawaii, despite being very delicious. But when I go back to Honolulu, along with the delights of Chinese food and other Asian foods, I’ve always got to have a few good meals of traditional Hawaiian food. There are a few different restaurants serving delicious Hawaiian meals in Honolulu, and a recommendation I got from some of my relatives, is a long-standing restaurant known as People’s Cafe.

People’s Cafe has been around for very long time. Actually I think it started about 80 years ago, though it has changed owners at least once. But the good news is the food has remained delicious and they have maintained a very good quality of home style comfort food. Most of the menu is actually Filipino food – and while I would have really liked to eat a huge Filipino meal, I decided to eat Hawaiian food this time. The next time I go back to People’s Cafe, I’m going to have to eat Filipino food.

There are a couple of different Hawaiian food combination plates to order – most of them with most of the same dishes, with just a few differences – so you can pick and choose whichever one looks the best to you. I went with the classic Hawaiian plate, a platter that came with laulau, kalua pig, squid luau, lomi salmon, rice and a slice of haupia. My wife got the laulau plate and chose a few other different dishes from what I got, so that we could all share together. She got the pipikaula (short ribs), and the chicken long rice. So anyway one of the best things about People’s Cafe is that they serve huge portion sizes. I’m telling you, after a meal here you should be well satisfied and ready for a nap.

The food arrived quickly, and unfortunately they had no poi the day I went, so I had to settle for brown rice. The kalua pig was excellent, very tender and had an incredible smoky flavor to it. But the real winner on the entire Hawaiian food plate was the laulau. This is typically one of my favorite Hawaiian dishes, and I have to say that at People’s Cafe, they really hit the spot with their version. Laulau is a dish that includes pieces of pork and fish wrapped in taro leaves, then steam smoked. The meat becomes extremely smoky and tender, and the leaves are just fall apart soft.

Overall I would highly recommend the Hawaiian plate at People’s Cafe for a delicious meal when you are in Honolulu, Hawaii.

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Get all the details here: http://migrationology.com/2014/04/peoples-cafe-hawaiian-food-honolulu-hawaii/
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