In this episode, we’re going to Plaza Singapura (Dhoby Ghaut) to go to Eggs ‘N Things, a famous restaurant from Hawaii. We ate lomi lomi salmon, loco moco, the famous Eggs ‘N Things pancakes, and Portuguese sausages. This video is based on our own perspectives and is based on my mom’s perspective, from someone who grew up in Honolulu and ate Eggs ‘N Things frequently.

This restaurant has since permanently closed in Singapore. We recommend trying it whenever you are in Hawaiʻi.

(This video was filmed in 2020 – I’m currently vegetarian so unable to eat a lot of the food here (fish))

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Around the World in Covid Days (AWCD) is a series I started to show how we can still experience, and learn about different cultures without traveling here in Singapore. I plan to learn/try food from 21 different countries without ever getting a passport stamp.

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Hi! I’m Solomon and I run the travel vlog called “As Big As The Planet”. I started this by backpacking around Southeast Asia and wanting to record it. This might sound pretentious but, I have always traveled a lot since young being a third culture kid. My dad is from the Banda Islands in Maluku and grew up in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. My mom is from Singapore and grew up in Honolulu, HI. I am from Singapore and grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia. Being exposed to many cultures since young and the constant moving between Jakarta and Singapore since I was a kid made me love to travel and experience new cultures. At the age of 19, I have already been to 20 nations and territories. Join me as I continue to broaden my horizon and travel the globe.

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