HAWAIIAN FOOD – Laulau Recipe *EASY* #short #hawaiian #laulau #hawaiianfood

2 bags Kalo (taro) leaves 1-2lbs each
1/4 cup hawaiian salt
2 uala (sweet potato) bite size
3-4 lbs pork shoulder/butt bite size
1.4 lbs pork fat (I used fatty pork belly) bite size

Layer a few kalo leaves (a few small or 1 big and a small) put a few pieces of pork shoulder and 1 piece of fat, 1 piece uala, sprinkle hawaiian salt and 6-8 pieces of the hā (stem). Roll laulau up tight and then roll it tight in the foil.

Pressure cook for 2 hours or until laulau leaves are cooked all the way through & fat is melting. or steam for 3-4 hours. make sure the leaves are cooked thoroughly or youll end up with itchy throat/tongue.

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