Hidden Outdoor Thai Restaurant in Chinatown. Honolulu, Hawaii & BEST Local Ice Cream SPOT – HI Vlog

Looking to try Local food in Hawaii that is not a tourist spot? Come eat with us at an outdoor Thai Oasis in Chinatown on the edge of Downtown, Honolulu. Locally Owned Chinatown’s Best Hidden Courtyard Is a Thai-Laotian hidden Gem. It does look like much on the outside but as soon as you venture in- its like a small little paradise.

Next we will be trying Wing Ice Cream! You guys are about to see ALL the good local spots here in Hawaii!

Join us on trying Wing Ice Cream. MY OFFICIAL FAVORITE PLACE TO GET ICE CREAM ON ISLAND!!!! ! HANDS DOWN AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! Hidden Gem- Local Alert!

This is a spot for locals and tourist to try and enjoy.

Are you traveling to Honolulu, Hawaii, Oahu, Waikiki you found a great spot to grab Thai Food with family, friends or loved ones.

Are you local and celebrating a special occasion this is GREAT spot to go to especially if you are on a Budget but want a nice Ambience.

Hawaii Foodie Friday gives these restaurants a thumbs up. Check it out.

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Olay Thai Cuisine


Wings Ice Cream


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Video highlights

0:08 Shanni BOMB Chicken Wings
1:41 Food Friday Intro Song
1:53 Foodie Friday Into- Tee and Shanni
2:59 Welcome to Honolulu, Hawaii- Driving Around & Realtor Tee Hawaii Fun Facts
4:36 Parking in Chinatown
5:12 Tee Local Tip

5:30 Welcome to Olay Thai-Lao Cuisine
5:42 The Menu
6:38 Inside the Restaurant Olay Thai- Lao Cuisine

7:42 Stuffed Chicken Wings review- Shanni Review
9:37 Summer Rolls- Tee Review

11:59 Pumpkin Curry- Shanni Review
14:56 Shanni Olay Thai Rating

15:41 Pad Ki Mao -Drunken Noodles – Tee Review
19:07 Tee and Shanni Final Thoughts
20:53 Broke Da Mouth Meaning- Shanni


21:20 Tee and Shanni Dynamic
22:05:Stuffed Chicken Wings convo- Shanni & Tee
23:44 Hot and Cold Food- Tee & Shanni

24:39- Should we get Mango Rice- explained/convo: Tee and Shanni
26:21 Ambiance of Olay Thai Restaurant- Tee and Shanni-
Beware No Alcohol served.

28:08- Koi Fish: This restaurant is beautiful. – Outdoor oasis

28:48 Shanni Insider- Secret about Shanni- Desert time.
30:14 Shanni Backstory- Her mom and desert
31:57 Mango Rice or Should we get Ice Cream?
32:44 Server Gave her recommendation- Wings Ice Cream

33:33 Wings Ice Cream- We found it
33:43 Choosing the Ice Cream Flavor- Wings Ice Cream Selection
34:12 Inside Wings Ice Cream
34:29 Shanni Ice Cream Review- Wings Flight- cardamom yuzu, Rose petals, Pineapple Thai Basil
36:23 Shanni Ice Cream Rating

36:55 Tee goes inside Wings Ice Cream
36:06 Tee Chooses Ice Cream Flavors
37:32 Inside Car After Wings Ice Cream
38:10 Backstory of going to Car after Wings Ice Cream- Safety Tip
38:55 Tee Ice Cream Review – Favorite SPOT!!!!!!!!!

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