Hige’s Hawaiian Food Truck at Tobaru Beach on Miyagi Island, Okinawa 2023

This is an unsolicited “advertisement” for Hige’s Island-style food truck at Tobaru Beach on Miyagi Island. While cruising out on Route 10 one day I noticed Hige-san’s big orange food truck parked at the lot for Tobaru Beach, There was no one around that day. The next time I stopped was in the morning and, once again, the truck was closed up tighter than a drum. On the third try, he was open and I discovered some really good eats!
The name “Higa” is very, very common on Okinawa but “Hige,” not so much. I don’t know his real name but he explained that his friends started calling him Hige because of his handlebar moustache. (In Japanese, “hige” means moustache.)
He learned Hawaiian cooking from a friend who had lived – and cooked – in Hawaii for several years.
If you’re ever out on Miyagi Island, DO stop in between noon and 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday through Sunday. It’ll be worth it!

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