How to eat cheap in Hawaii

Food in Hawaii is expensive. But it doesn’t have to be! Hear me out.

Yes, Hawaii is an island, and as such food costs are generally higher because a lot of things have to be shipped in.

However, you’re always going to have higher food costs in heavily touristed areas, like Ko Olina and Waikiki. For two apps and a non-alcoholic mai tai, I spent almost $80 with tip at Monkeypod, which is a popular tourist spot. It was delicious and amazing and the ambiance was lovely and I have no regrets.

In comparison, I spent less than $10 for this INCREDIBLE garlic Mahi Mahi at Pan’s Kitchen. Located off the tourist track in Kaneohe in what can best be described as an unassuming strip mall, what Pan’s Kitchen lacked in atmosphere, it more than made up in food because this was by far the best meal I had on Oahu.

This isn’t to say stay away from popular restaurants in tourist areas. But balance out your food costs by looking for hidden gems while you travel. Ask the locals where they like to eat and don’t judge a restaurant solely on it’s location!

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