How To Make Ube Ice Cream Recipe Using Liquid Nitrogen

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Shopping List:
KitchenAid Mixer (5 quart):
Ube Extract:

I’ve seen it before in Creamistry, but I’ve never seen liquid nitrogen ice cream created at home! In this episode, follow Chef Kryssie’s instructions on how to make ube ice cream using liquid nitrogen.

Here at Jeanelleats, it’s all about getting ingredients that are easily accessible. Watch til the end of the video to find out where you can find liquid nitrogen easily!

The COOLEST things about this recipe is the liquid nitrogen, and how you can get ice cream in a matter of minutes. When using a traditional ice cream maker, you usually have to wait at least a couple of hours!

Making ube ice cream isn’t the healthiest recipe, but it’s DELICIOUS. This ube ice cream recipe only requires four ingredients, and doesn’t have all those weird fillers that you get when buying grocery store ice cream.

I hope you all enjoy this recipe, and remember to stay safe when handling liquid nitrogen. Please contact Chef Kryssie if you want ube ice cream made with liquid nitrogen in the comfort of your home!

Contact Chef Kryssie for local Orange County and Los Angeles catering. She also sells her ube treats at her website:



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