HUGE Loco Moco Plate Lunch from Papa Ole’s Kitchen, Hawaii

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In the episode of Migrationology, I take to the island of Oahu, Hawaii, for a tasty sampling of one of the best known local Hawaiian dishes known as the “loco moco.”

A loco moco is a locally developed Hawaii food that begins with a heaping pile of steamed rice covered in gigantic hamburger steak patties, over easy fried eggs and the entire thing covered in brown beefy gravy.

The dish is such a comfort that you may forget what you’re even eating and just be wrapped up in food love.

I enjoy my Hawaiian loco moco best when it’s topped with hot sauce and mixed around so it’s juicy and delicious!

This particular takeaway container of loco moco was eaten at a small but amazing restaurant in Hau’ula, Hawaii, called Papa Ole’s Kitchen.

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