Hunting Octopus for food in Hawaii!

Diving with my cousins and son. Scored a few tako and a “Dozer” for sure. At the end of the day we turn one of them into a piece of art. 🤙
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Best soft baits in Hawaii!


If you want to mail me anything.
Nick Morris
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Knives –
Cut Proof Glove –
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Other Great Products I use:
Nitta Live Zip –
Fishing Bird –
Fishing reel for Mackerel –
Best Mackerel rod: (Model: TVC66M) –
Reels used Shimano 130 Tiagra –
Leader Line is Jinkai 300 Pound Test –
Hooks are Mustad 7/0- 9/0 (2) Pack –
Chrimps 1.9mm for 300lb Jinkai Leader –
Chrimper –
Best Hook Sharpener –
Best cut proof Leader Gloves –

Couple Video on How to:
Gaffs used were made by me let me show you how to make one:

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