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It’s Food Adventure Time!!! I tried Hawaiian food for the first time! I went to a local restaurant in town called Ohana Poke. This place issa whole vibe!! I love the decorations and the staff are really down to earth. We tried several items on the menu and everything was really tasty. My suggestion is to make sure you request they put enough sauce on the poke bowls to really amp up the flavor. Other than that, everything was really good. All the food was fresh and made to order. I hope you enjoy this video and maybe you will give Hawaiian Poke a try!! You’re amazing inside and out!!! Xoxo

**Not Sponsored. Everything purchased personally**

Chicken Poke Bowl (Customized):
Lemongrass chicken
Red & Green onions
Saffron (that red straw-looking stuff)
Shredded fried crab
Sesame seeds
Honey teriyaki sauce

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