Incredible African & Hawaiian food adventure in the Chicagoland area?!!?

We’re BAAAAACK! And we’re roaming the streets of America, trying to find some foreign cuisine!

This go-round, we were lucky enough to track down some fantastic #africanfood and #hawaiianfood … Yup we’re some lucky gals! ❤️

We’ve been wanting to try African food for a long time now, so you can only imagine how excited we were when we finally got to taste it. The restaurant we found is “off the charts” delicious!

Now let’s talk Hawaiian Food… One of their popular flavors is Teriyaki, and since Teriyaki is America’s sweetheart of the sauce world, it will never NOT be delicious!

Both cuisines have so many popular dishes to try, so we’ll definitely be making a u-turn in the near future to eat more from these cuisines!

Check out where we went:

Bisi African Restaurant – Schaumburg, IL
– Egusi Soup
– Efo Riro
– Jollof Rice

Aloha Eats – Chicago, IL
– Katsu Spam Musubi
– BBQ Beef Short Ribs
– BBQ Chicken
– Marinated Beef

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