Life in Hawaii | My family arrived! Loco Mocos, Spam, & Chocolate Haupia Pie | Best Hawaiian Food

Woohoo, my family landed in Oahu, Hawaii! I was so excited to have them around. First order of business, we hit up some local plate lunch spots.

Our first pick was Alicia’s Diner, but it was closed due to a crime scene! Our backup plan was Christine’s Diner, and we were so glad we had a chance to stop by. The staff was very friendly, and cranked out 10 plate lunches within 15 minutes! Best part is, it’s close to the airport.

Afterwards, my sister, Doug, David, and Hennessy stayed at a beach house to relax and explore! We ended the night with a slice of Ted’s Chocolate Haupia Cream pie, which we always have every time we go to Oahu.

Thanks for watching, and look out for the next Life in Hawaii vlog for more Oahu and food adventures!

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