MEAT TRUMPET and Rare Dishes in Sri Lanka | Sri Lankan Food in Kandy, Sri Lanka!

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KANDY, SRI LANKA – One of the best meals I had in Sri Lanka was an all meat meal made of beef. Huge thank you to my friend Ruzaina for organising it all, and for her Grandmother taking the time to cook for us so love her traditional recipes.

There were about five or six different meat curries, all prepared with a variety of different spices. We also had two different types of tongue, one cooked in a spicy gravy sauce, the other quicker preparation and it was a little more chewy. All the meat was incredibly tasty, especially all of the spices and having the variety of different meats. Another one of the best dishes was the intestines mixed with chunks of fat, and grandma insisted that I need to fast before it started to get cold.

Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic – After lunch we headed to one of the most important religious sites in Kandy just to walk around for a while.

Siri Ramya Hotel – Finally for dinner in Kandy, we just had a few hoppers and roti along with tea.

Again, huge thank you to Ruzaina ( and her Grandmother and family for hosting me and cooking an outstanding meal.

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