In this inaugural episode of Solomon’s Vegas Adventures Dining Edition, brought to you by popular demand, Solomon went to and had lunch at Pa’ina Cafe- the BEST HAWAIIAN FOOD IN LAS VEGAS, in his opinion at least.

An instagram poll was conducted, and 98% of my followers indicated that they think I should add good eats in the Las Vegas area to my youtube channel as well. So here’s the first episode of my dining adventures! Technically, eating is just as much an adventure as hiking tough mountains, exploring abandoned mines, and finding cool rocks and minerals out in the mountains!

Dubbed the “9th Island”, Las Vegas has a very sizable Hawaiian population. With that diaspora here, so comes their food. In this episode, I had Poke, Inari, and Mochi Donuts. Poke is a raw ahi tuna served cold and preserved with salts, sauces, and the sort. There are several types of Poke, but the famous “Pa’ina Bowl” comes with spicy Poke, garnished with Teriyaki Sauce, green onions, and caviar. I also had Shoyu Poke- Poke preserved in soy sauce, served with onion and garnished in Sriracha. Inari is a Japanese Sweet Tofu Pouch with rice in it, and the Inari from Pa’ina comes with Spicy Poke on top. Lastly, I had the Mochi Donuts. Mochi is a rice cake, especially present in Japanese, Korean, and other East Asian cuisines. It is traditionally a dessert- but Pa’ina takes Mochi to another level with their Mochi Donuts. Their Mochi Donuts are delicious.

Pa’ina Cafe is located in the Korea Town Plaza on the corner of Spring Mountain Rd and Rainbow Blvd. It is open 11 AM – 6 PM Sunday – Wednesday, and 11 AM – 8 PM Thursday – Saturday. Its address is 6870 Spring Mountain Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89146.

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