Private Suite LAX to Hawaii Big Island Hualalai

We decided to take a quick trip to Hawaii.
Hannah and I pulled it together last minute with the Four Seasons and they invited us to try out a new experience at LAX called The Private Suite (aka like flying private but commerically). Needless to say it was well worth trying out!
We pulled up to the Four Seasons Haulalai on the Big Island which is spectacular and gout our vacation started with some massages and more. We got to see our best friends and god-kids and our trip was well under way.

Part 2 coming soon…!


Dark Tranquility – Anno Domini Beats
Sky Skating – Geographer
Dreams Electric – Geographer
Urban Lulluby – Jimmy Fontantez/Doug Maxwell
Sleepessness – Brother Records

Thanks as always for watching…

Hannah Bronfman & Brendan Fallis

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