Some of THE BEST food in Hawaii – Oahu Plate Lunch Review

Plate lunch places are everywhere, all over the Hawaiian islands. In fact, it’s hard to go through a commercial area on any island without running into at least one or two of these iconic establishments. They are often referred to as “Drive-Inns,” but for most of them, you drive into the parking lot and walk up to the ordering window or counter. Some of Hawaii’s best foods are found on the plate lunch, and tourists often miss them. If they don’t miss them altogether, they might go to one or two heavily advertised places, like Rainbow Drive Inn, L&L Drive Inn or Zippy’s. But, there are many great plate lunch places on the islands, and even though it’s impossible to cover all of the best, we try here to show you some of the less known places that also have some of the best – or most unique – plate lunches on the island. The locals all have their individual favorites, and we could not list them all. These are our favorites. Sorry if we missed yours.

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