Spanish Bread Recipe (Senorita Bread) | Filipino Recipes

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KitchenAid Mixer (5 quart):

Spanish bread, also known as Señorita bread, is one of the most popular Filipino breads that you can purchase at a Filipino bakery. I remember having these as a kid, enjoying it with Tang or a mug of hot “tsokolate” (chocolate milk)!

This Spanish bread recipe is similar to how you would make pandesal, except it’s got hidden treasure inside: BUTTER AND BROWN SUGARY GOODNESS! If you want, you can fill this with anything really – I was thinking of filling it with ube butter or even homemade Choc-Nut butter!

You can make this Spanish bread in smaller sizes, so it’s not such a challenge finishing one if you’re not too hungry. It’s REALLY good though, it’s not like it would be difficult to run through a couple pieces in one sitting.

Let me know in the comments, are you going to make this at home? And let me know if you have any recipe recommendations.

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