Spend a week with me in Hawaii!

I spent a beautiful week in Hawaii with my sister and dad and I decided to vlog it! We snorkeled, jet skied, went to the ~trendy locations~ and more xD

Here is the link to 4Ocean: https://4ocean.com/pages/our-story

I really recommend you guys check them out. What they are doing for out planet is so inspiring and truly helping in so many aspects. I am going to start investing in their bracelets as a reminder to reuse, recycle, and spread the word. We only get one planet. We MUST take better care of it. The small things do make a difference, therefore you supporting 4ocean DOES make a difference.

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Check out the Surfaces (all credit goes to them for their music in the video) : http://www.surfacesmusic.com/

Thank you so much for watching and I really hope to see you around in my next video!!


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