Spicy Mayo Salmon Poke – 辣梅奥三文鱼盖饭

Recipe at: http://www.themeatmen.sg/spicy-mayo-salmon-poke

A wholesome bowl of goodness, poke bowls are nourishing, tasty, and a whole lot of fun to make too! We created a spicy mayo version of this dish for you the guys who like salmon and spice at the same time.

For fuller flavors, we cut the salmon into nice chunks of ¾ inches, and mixed it all with our spicy mayo sauce. We used Kinmemai Better Brown for it’s excellent quality. With the rice polishing technology used, you can now enjoy a fine texture while preserving all its vitamins and nutrients.

Mouth watering goodness at it’s best, sprinkle seaweed flakes, black and white sesame seeds on top and done!

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