The Best Local Hawaiian/Filipino Food Restaurant

Local Hawaiian food and local Filipino food is the best at Tante’s Island Cuisine. Chef Tante Urban is known for his ability to fuse the two together and create a tasty dish that takes the best of both cultures and meld the qualities into one delectable dish that both cultures absolutely love! Like the braised spare ribs loco moco! So delicious and exciting and sexy is the food! The award winning Shrimp Sari Sari is another hit! People fly interisland to just get a bowl of this delcious onolicious meal in a bowl! Tante’s Island Cuisine is the best local hawaiian and local filipino restaurant in Maui Hawaii. Tante’s Island Cuisine is known for their best local Hawaiian food and their awesome tasting local filipino food maui! Chef Tante the owner of Tante’s Island Cuisine has the culinary creations to mix the ethnic cultures to create some really delicious dishes. Also Chef Tante has a special Mahalo Club that is all his Fans that have come together and get discounted savings on their meals that others don’t get. It is an exclusive club of Fans of Tante’s Island Cuisine in fact, he has a whole week of Specials for his Mahalo Club members! For example on Tuesdays Mahalo Club members’ children get to eat FREE! And I believe on Tuesdays Seniors get to get 15% discount by showing their senior ID. The rest of the week has some really delicious meals like Fridays and Mondays are the Prime Rib and Caesar Salad days, Saturdays are $5.00 breakfasts and Thursdays are Braised Short Rib Loco Mocos! Sundays are corned beef and cabbage. All of these promotions are mobile coupons and sent to your smart phone with a nice discount! So save some money by joining the Mahalo Club of Tante’s Island Cuisine and get the best of local Hawaiian food and of the best of local filipino food Maui! Tante’s Island Cuisine is known for Chef Tante’s awarding winning Shrimp Sari Sari Stop by and enjoy the nice ambiance and the best local Hawaiian and Filipino food in Maui Hawaii. Visit or call 1.808.877.0300 7 days weekly

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