The Ultimate Local’s Guide to Honolulu || Gatekeepers

Get your sea legs ready because we’re headed to Honolulu with surf photographer Zak Noyle, who has one very important rule — “get in the water every single day.” Dive face-to-face with sharks, taste the island’s best poke, and take a sunset surf on this episode of “Gatekeepers.” Here are the best things to do when you visit Honolulu.


Justin Lizama

Zak Noyle

Tyler Gildin

Associate Producer
Mia Faske

Director of Photography
Thom McKenna

Camera Operator
Danny Belinkie

Production Audio
Juan Ignacio Nuevo

Chris Murphy

Associate Editor
Ede Bell Crowder

Post Audio
Richard Hamilton

Megan Chong

Production Assistants
Daniel Keating, Louis Francavilla,
Chanel Baker

Witch King by Mr. Kristopher
Deliverance by Warden

Developed By
Leo Fernandez

Line Producer
Emily Tufaro

Post Production Supervisor
Daniel Byrne

Supervising Producer
Stasia Tomlinson

Design Director
Ted McGrath

Creative Director
Tom O’Quinn

Executive Producer
Justin Lundstrom

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