Tim Chantarangsu Orders Takeout for David So || Send Foodz

This week’s episode of Send Foodz is a special treat for David. We test how well Tim knows David by having him pick out a bunch of eats he thinks David will love. From a big-ass burger to Hawaiian food and even something spicy–yes, we said spicy– this will be one heck of a best friend test. Tune in to find out whether David loves or hates Tim’s picks for him and if they’re still friends at the end of the episode.

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Being stuck at home doesn’t have to be all bad, especially when you get some of the best food and drinks delivered right to your doorsteps. Our latest show, “Send Foodz,” will show you where to order the best dishes, hosted by your favorite comedians, foodies, and world-renowned YouTube influencers, Tim Chantarangsu and David So. We sample all the best bites and sips the country has to offer. Don’t miss out on any of the fun!


Tim Chantarangsu
David So

Associate Producer
Taylor Brown

Camera Operators
John Ros
Luis Salgado

Audio Operator
Andrew Maldonado

Senior Editor
Chris Murphy

Production Coordinator
Myra Rivera

Danna Windsor

Senior Producer
Gabrielle Williott

Line Producer
Emily Tufaro

Post-Production Supervisor
Daniel Byrne

Director of Development
Leo Fernandez

Creative Director
Audra V. Pace

Head of Video
Jim D’Amico

Chief Content Officer
Meghan Kirsch

Executive Producers
Tim Chantarangsu, David So

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