Trying New Things – Spam or Spam Which Is Worse?

I’ve been to Hawaii 7 times.

I’ve met with cattle ranchers, rum distillers, goat farmers, and a Poi pounding master.

Over the past 25 years, I’ve learned a LOT about Hawaiian food, their culture, and how to cook with the BEST food on the planet.

But I still can’t bring myself to try SPAM even though Hawaiians love it.

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Are there foods that you THINK you don’t like but you’re not sure why?

Are there foods you’re pre-judging without really trying?

Don’t hold on to your food prejudices.

(Because you might have a new way to cook them now.)

When you are open to new ideas, new concepts, a new perspective on an old item, then you’re the happiest and most creative you can be.

Is ANY food that you don’t like SPAM?

Is any message you don’t want to hear SPAM?

We’ll separate the two and hopefully give you a new perspective on tolerance and trying new things on today’s Care Free Cooks Code.

ALSO, my latest FREE online web class answers the question coming at me from all angles lately, “how do you know what foods go together”?

So I created “Become A Food Match Maker – 5 Steps To Choosing The Perfect Combination Of Flavors In Your Cooking“

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