ULTIMATE FOOD TOUR IN HAWAII (A full day of eating our favorite dishes)

We took an entire day to tour the island and eat our favorite food on Oahu. In Hawaii, you will find food for everyone’s pallet! We started out at Helena’s Hawaiian Food in Honolulu where we sampled tripe stew, laulau, and the best ribs on the island. From there, we devoured poke, kulolo ice cream and much more! We even stopped at the grocery store to pick up a delicacy you can only find in certain places. Enjoy the food tour and let us know what you will be eating the next time you are in Hawaii.

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00:00 Introduction
00:29 Helena’s Hawaiian Food
03:45 Coco Puffs
05:14 Poke
06:31 Best Ice Cream in Hawaii
07:35 Favorite Snack in Hawaii

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