ULTIMATE FOOD TOUR in Honolulu’s Chinatown – 10 Spots: HAWAII Best Asian Food Ever (Massive Eats) P2

Aloha ? Welcome to Honolulu’s Chinatown. This is Part 2 of the Ultimate Chinatown Food Tour! We call it “ULTIMATE“ because it’s the most extensive Chinatown Food Tour ever on YouTube (10 food spots) and we reference back to Part 1. We cover traditional Asian eats, to new school fusion food to appeal to all generations.

We also bring back a special guest (by popular demand) and visit a Theatre here that is 101 years old and still going strong today? You’ll definitely get an overall vibe of what Chinatown is like from a local perspective after watching this video. With that being said.. let’s adventure and get ready to eat???

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Part 1 of the Ultimate Chinatown Honolulu Food Tour is here:

Timestamps Ultimate Asian Food Tour in Honolulu’s Chinatown Part 2:
Intro – 0:00
1. Gon & Ti – 2:14
2. O’ Kims – 13:05
3. Royal Kitchen – 18:16
4. Chi Kong Look Funn Factory – 27:55
5. Lam’s Kitchen – 22:59
6. Olay’s Thai Lao Cuisine – 38:53
7. Maunakea Marketplace – 44:36
7.1 Mei Mei Chinese Style BBQ – 45:09
7.2 Vietnamese Pho and Sandwiches – 47:04
8. Mickey Cafe – 50:44
9. The Pig and The Lady – 52:31
10. J. Dolan’s – 57:04
Hawaii Theatre Outro – 59:20

I’m Sean Kaleponi. Let’s be friends!

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Places are listed in order of appearance in this video. Please watch the full video for all the food items and prices:

1) Gon & Ti Market
Hours: 6am to 6pm every day. Phone No: 809-683-8000. No Website or IG.

2) O’Kims
Hours: Every day from 11am-3pm and 5pm-9pm. Sunday- Closed. Phone No: 808-537-3787. Website: https://www.okimshawaii.com and Instagram: @okims_honolulu

3) Royal Kitchen
Hours: Monday to Friday 5:30am-2pm and Saturday and Sunday 6:30am-2pm. Phone No: 808-524-4461. Website: https://royalkitchenhawaii.com

4) Chi Kong Look Funn Factory
Hours: Every day: 6am-4pm. Phone No: 808-537-4304.

5) Lam’s Kitchen
Hours: Every day: 7:30am-3:30pm except for Tuesday (closed). Phone No: 808-536-6222. Website: https://lamskitchenhawaii.com

6) Olay’s Thai Lao Cuisine
Hours: Every day: 10am-3pm and 4pm-8:30pm except for Mondays (closed). Website: https://olaysthaihawaii.com Instagram: @olays_thai_lao_cuisine Referred to by my friend Gina from Ohanaeatz. Please check out her YouTube page.

7) Maunakea Marketplace
Hours: Every day: 7:30am-3:30pm
A hustling and bustling marketplace in Chinatown full of cheap eats, seafood, grocery items, vegetables, and fresh produce stalls. Most food stalls offer plates and dishes under $10 bucks! Authentic cuisines vary from Vietnamese, Filipino, Chinese, Korean, Thai, and many more!

7.1) Mei Mei Chinese Style BBQ
Please call 808-308-9991
Hours: Every day: 7:30am-3:30pm

7.2) Vietnamese Pho and Sandwiches
Hours: Every day: 7:30am-3:30pm

8) Mickey Cafe
Hours: Every day from 8am-3:30pm. Phone No: 808-383-7035.

9) The Pig and The Lady:
Hours: Every day: 11:30am-2pm and 5:30pm-9pm. Phone No: 808-585-8255 Website: www.thepigandthelady.com
Instagram: @pigandthelady

10) J. Dolan’s
Hours: Every day from 11am-Midnight Sat and Sunday from 11am-2am. Website: https://jdolans.com Instagram: @jdolanshnl

Hawaii Theatre Center: Celebrating 100 years last year in 2022! Website: https://www.hawaiitheatre.com

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Enjoy and Aloha!! ?

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