VEGAN Agadir MOROCCO Restaurant, Vegan Poke Bowl, Healthy Moroccan, What is Kombucha? LET’S BE!

Moroccan vegan restaurant Let’s Be offers healthy and vibrant raw, vegan, and organic food. A healthy Moroccan restaurant offers a Vegan Poke Bowl, a twist on Hawaiian food, fish tacos and smoothie bowls alongside other dishes making it one of the best restaurants in Agadir, Morocco. The absolute number one restaurant of Agadir for vegans, vegetarians, or anyone looking for gluten free food in Morocco.

Outside of Agadir, in the town of Tamraght, Let’s Be is an oasis for anyone with a special diet, being gluten free, raw, or vegan. It also appeals to anyone with tastes buds and eyes to see the works of art they produce in their kitchen! I think Bohemian Kitchen should come see what is going on in this hippie kitchen!

Ingredients are local and organic, unless they are specialty ingredients, in which case you may not find them anywhere else! Here, get your kombucha in Morocco, spirulina, Brazil nuts, or any other smoothie specialty ingredients such as maca powder.

The tacos are not like French tacos! They are inspired, and the best tacos I have found in Morocco! Salmon and feta tacos are refreshing and savory. Shrimp tacos, and local fish tacos are available as well. The best tacos in Morocco, and the bonus of them being fish tacos.

The smoothie bowl, Anchor bowl, has a smoothie base and is topped with fresh fruit and granola. All the smoothie bowls on the menu are named from famous surf spots here in Taghazout Bay, Morocco.

Raw vegan dessert is always a treat, and Let’s Be really knows how to make a raw vegan dessert! It is accompanied by tea with herbs picked right from the mountain here in Tamraght, Morocco. Let’s Be is the place for great vibes and beautiful food here in Tamraght, Morocco.

What is kombucha?

A new way to drink tea!

Why is kombucha healthy?

Because hippies say so!

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