yelp’s no. 1 restaurant in america | cute date spot in los angeles, california

steven and ethereal go on an adventure to find hidden restaurants and hidden gems in los angeles , california for a cute date based on date vibe and date mood ~

today’s cute date idea is a yelp number 1 restaurant episode

we went to la california in search of cute date ideas, and the best desserts in the world. today’s date vibe is an enchanting and adventurous date. our food challenge today is to find a restaurant that meets the date vibe for our date night.

we ended up at BROKEN MOUTH | Lee’s Homestyle, a hawaiian korean fusion restaurant that is trending on tiktok for being rated no. 1 on yelp’s top 100 in america 2023. we ordered hawaii’s meat jun beef plate, kahuku style garlic butter shrimp, spam musubi with korean purple rice and korean greens. tim lee, the owner of the authentic hawaiian food, as announced on the kelly clarkson show, broken mouth gives a free aloha maid juice can ☆ミ(o・ω・)ノ


where we went 🙂
BROKEN MOUTH | Lee’s Homestyle
718 S Los Angeles St, Los Angeles, CA 90014

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this will be food vlog 8, or in cute date vlog 8, foodie vlog 8? this is a new series we are trying based on food and travel. we will document our food journeys and traveling journeys across the world in search of beautiful scenery, cute date ideas, hidden restaurants and the best dessert in the world. we aren’t sure what to call it, maybe foodie vlog or food blogger or cutest couple vlog or couples food vlog.

we explore southern california. we enjoyed searching for a date spot in los angeles in this food vlog series, cute date ideas. we found broken mouth in los angeles for our cute date idea, which is a hawaiian korean fusion restaurant. then we had a relaxing, mellow date night.

today’s date vibe was an enchanting and adventurous date. today’s date value is for couples that are comfortable with each other already. getting korean food , hawaiian food at broken mouth is a new experience that all couples would love.

today’s episode was a yelp edition. we saw that the number 1 best rated yelp restaurant was in los angeles and we had to go on a date there. we talked about reddit stories, mainly relationship advice.

that means more anime couple vlog content to come! we aim for relaxing, calming, therapeutic and mellow vlog content. thank you for watching!

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