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Mahallo, for visiting dinnerinwaikiki.com!

Whether you are planning on visiting the Oahu Waikiki / Honolulu area on vacation, business, or a local just hanging out, the most wonderful things about Hawaii are, it’s exciting, has great people, fantastic food and good fun.

We are going to bring you lots of interesting information you need to have a great time and a delicious visit.

We have restaurant and pub address listings, videos, and things to do around the Waikiki / Honolulu area.

Check out the Post pages on your search for the perfect place, it contains lots of videos and information about events and great places to eat.  Over 500 video posts uploaded so far. 

To speed up your search, don’t forget to use the search box on the right sidebar. It will quickly search the whole site for your request.

If you feel we are missing something to add to the site, drop us a comment and we will do our best to make it happen.


We love Hawaii with all its beauty and good mojo it has to offer and we want to share this with you and hope you have a wonderful stay in these beautiful islands.

Please enjoy the pictures of the amazing beauty of the islands. The beautiful sunsets, land, flowers, people and culture you experience here can leave you breathless with its beauty and have everlasting impressions.

We strive to make this site useful, interesting and fun.

Thanks for stopping by!

Have a wonderful stay!



Any information subject to change without notice. Please check with business for updated information.

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