Life in Hawaii | My family arrived! Loco Mocos, Spam, & Chocolate Haupia Pie | Best Hawaiian Food

Woohoo, my family landed in Oahu, Hawaii! I was so excited to have them around. First order of business, we hit up some local plate lunch spots.

Our first pick was Alicia’s Diner, but it was closed due to a crime scene! Our backup plan was Christine’s Diner, and we were so glad we had a chance to stop by. The staff was very friendly, and cranked out 10 plate lunches within 15 minutes! Best part is, it’s close to the airport.

Afterwards, my sister, Doug, David, and Hennessy stayed at a beach house to relax and explore! We ended the night with a slice of Ted’s Chocolate Haupia Cream pie, which we always have every time we go to Oahu.

Thanks for watching, and look out for the next Life in Hawaii vlog for more Oahu and food adventures!

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Me Eating Food In Hawaii

Ye so I took a vacay to Hawaii and das one of the reasons why we haven’t been uploading as much but yo we coming back on track you better know that. And I thought hmm Ima bring Hawaii back to our viewers cause I FUXX with y’all that much. We STILL gonna have Hella Hyphyed and PWDKSASAFTATLTISAF but we throwing in some Hawaii vids too (if you a real one you know this channel started hard on hawaii vlogs) and like yeah man i don’t got stuff to say no more

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Teppanyaki LOBSTER & STEAK – Amazing Knife Skills and Fire Cooking in Waikiki, Hawaii!

First time eating teppanyaki in Waikiki, Hawaii!
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NOTE: This video is not sponsored, I paid for this meal in full. But Barry was able to ensure that he got to cook for us. Thanks Barry!

Tanaka of Tokyo Restaurant

During my visit to Honolulu, Hawaii to visit family I started posting some photos on Instagram. I got a message from Barry, who is a world renowned teppanyaki chef expert – he’s even traveling the world teaching how to cook teppanyaki. So when he asked if I would come in to the restaurant he works at, and he would do the cooking, I knew it would be a great opportunity – not only for the food but for the amazing cooking skill.

Tanaka of Tokyo is Japanese teppanyaki restaurant in Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii. There’s an interesting history surrounding teppanyaki – it’s a Japanese meal, although it was invited to cook Western style. Funny thing is, it’s more popular outside of Japan than in Japan, and I’ve never even had it in Japan. So this was my first time to really have a proper teppanyaki meal.

I asked the waitress what she recommended and it was a set that included lobster, steak, and scallops, plus some Hawaiian style poke to begin with.

Our entire teppanyaki meal was extremely entertaining. The food was delicious and very high quality, but the cooking and show was a highlight. Our whole family enjoyed it from the start to finish. Barry is an amazing chef and he has incredible knife and fire skills!

Eating teppanyaki at Tanaka of Tokyo is not a cheap meal, but you not only pay for the food, but for the entire dining show.

Total price – $213.30

Special thanks to Barry for his amazing cooking!

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TRYING LOCO MOCO ?+? Hawaii’s Most Famous Food !

Adriana and I head to Cafe 100 in Hilo, birthplace of the Loco Moco to try out Hawaii’s Most Famous Food in our 2017 Hawaii Life series. I order the Super Loco which has not only the traditional hamburger patty, topped with a sunny side up egg, gravy, and rice.. BUT sausage, spam, macaroni and potato salad as well. Adriana orders the traditional Loco Moco. Can either of us finish the whole thing.. You’ll have to watch to find out ! I even dish out a little food history in this one. Be sure to subscribe and turn notifications on to follow along the rest of our adventure around Hawaii .


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Hawaii Insiders – Laverns Hawaiian food truck

On this adventure we went to Laverns for one of the best hawaiian plates on the island in our opinion 🙂 The Mahi will definitely have us going back there again so we recommend getting that! the Squid luau was also winnahz! It’s currently located in waikele shopping center next to Pet Depot in the parking lot (In the corner with all the other food trucks). There aren’t any tables so keep that in mind, we just made a little picnic spot on the side. The experience was awesome and we really enjoyed eating there! Comment where you or what you’d like to see us do (or go) next ! thanks for all the support and love

Amazing Hawaiian Poke Bowl at Kahuku Superette

Hawaiian poke, and the poke bowl, is one of my favorite meals. Get details about Kahuku Superette here:

There are lots of reasons to visit Hawaii, but the best reason in my opinion is to take advantage of the delicious food. You’ll find all sorts of, especially Asian food, and a lot of local Hawaiian food as well. One of the ultimate things I love to eat in Hawaii is known as poke. Hawaiian poke is basically cubes of raw fish marinated in a variety of seasonings that usually includes soy sauce and sesame oil, among many different other ingredients depending on what you order.

Normally as soon as possible, after landing in Honolulu, I go straight to the nearest restaurant to grab some fresh poke. It’s like candy for me, and I could eat it every single day of my life – it really is one of my favorite foods in the world. There are all sorts of different types of poke, including spicy ahi poke, shoyu poke, salmon poke, and even poke made with different kinds of seafood. One of the most common and beloved types of Hawaiian poke is made from freshly caught ahi, which is tuna.

Often times poke is bought by the pound, in small plastic containers, and then eaten along with a full Hawaiian style meal, or picnic. Poke goes great with fried chicken, SPAM musubi, fried noodles, or it actually just goes great by itself, or with only a hot fresh bowl of rice. Something that is very popular these days is called a poke bowl. You basically order as much rice as you want, and then they put the raw fish right on top of the hot rice in a bowl. You can get poke bowls all over Hawaii and Honolulu, but one of the best places on the island, is a little convenience store known as Kahuku Superette.

Kahuku Superette is a very average looking shop in the small town of Kahuku, on the island of Oahu. It really doesn’t look like much from the outside, and when you walk in you’ll immediately see mostly beer and drinks that they are selling, and canned goods. But keep walking towards the back of the shop, and that’s when you’ll see the glass cabinet fridge, showcasing a beautiful display of fresh poke. There are only a few choices to choose from at Kahuku Superette, and probably the most popular is their sweet onion shoyu poke. You can order it with no rice, but I think the best way to get it is with hot white rice at the bottom, and at least a half a pound of the poke right on top.

They only have takeaway, so after you order, you can either eat some right there in your car, or you can drive to the nearest beach like we did. Whatever you decide, your mouth is going to be watering as soon as you get your poke bowl. Along with poke at Kahuku Superette, they also have things like kimchi, which also goes great with rice and raw fish.

So we headed to go to the nearest beach, and I was incredibly excited to start digging in. The cubes of fish were literally like butter, extremely tender and just melted in my mouth. The pieces of fish were also extremely flavorful, coated in a wonderful sauce made from lots of sesame oil, soy sauce, and those wonderful sweet onions, and also a hint of chili pepper. The poke bowl, including cold fish along with hot fresh steamed rice, is one of the world’s great combinations, and it never gets old for me.

Kahuku Superette:
Address: 56-505 Kamehameha Highway, Kahuku, HI (not far from the North Shore)
Phone: 96731(808) 293-9878
Hours: Monday through Sunday 6 am — 10 pm

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Where to Eat on Oahu

From street food to luau feasts, trendy hotspots to timeless classics, I’m sharing with you my first-hand tips on where to eat when you on Oahu.
I spent one week exploring the North Shore, Kailua and Honolulu, and in that time I ate VERY well. All of the locations in this video were my favorite eats, for breakfast, lunch, snacks, happy hour and of course, dinner.
Featured eats: Mahina & Suns, Leonard’s Bakery, Kono’s, Sprouts, Pioneer Saloon, Maui Brewing Co and much more!



Pork Shoulder / Pork Loin
Liquid Smoke
Kosher Salt / Hawaiian Salt
Course Black Pepper
2 Cloves Garlic (optional)
1/2 head cabbage (optional)

Cured and Cubed Smoked Salmon or 1 Can Smoked salmon in Oil
1 sweet onion
1/2 cup spring onion
2 tomatoes
kosher salt / hawaiian salt

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What To Eat in Hawaii

Here’s the second video we did while we were in Hawaii. The first video was of us having fun. This video, though, is 18 freaking minutes of us EATING ALL THE FOOD! SO MUCH FOOD! ALL OF IT! There’s none left for anyone else. It’s all in our stomachs now.

Hilton helped out with this video as well. We don’t know Hawaii very well, so we got a list of places to eat. And I think we got a good bit of Hawaiin food in there! If there are any places we missed out on, please let us know in the comments, so that we can try them next time we come to Hawaii.

Thank you again to Hilton for sponsoring this video, and for giving us an amazing food and adventure experience. We’d love to see Hawaii again one day.

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