Life in Hawaii | My family arrived! Loco Mocos, Spam, & Chocolate Haupia Pie | Best Hawaiian Food

Woohoo, my family landed in Oahu, Hawaii! I was so excited to have them around. First order of business, we hit up some local plate lunch spots.

Our first pick was Alicia’s Diner, but it was closed due to a crime scene! Our backup plan was Christine’s Diner, and we were so glad we had a chance to stop by. The staff was very friendly, and cranked out 10 plate lunches within 15 minutes! Best part is, it’s close to the airport.

Afterwards, my sister, Doug, David, and Hennessy stayed at a beach house to relax and explore! We ended the night with a slice of Ted’s Chocolate Haupia Cream pie, which we always have every time we go to Oahu.

Thanks for watching, and look out for the next Life in Hawaii vlog for more Oahu and food adventures!

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TRYING LOCO MOCO ?+? Hawaii’s Most Famous Food !

Adriana and I head to Cafe 100 in Hilo, birthplace of the Loco Moco to try out Hawaii’s Most Famous Food in our 2017 Hawaii Life series. I order the Super Loco which has not only the traditional hamburger patty, topped with a sunny side up egg, gravy, and rice.. BUT sausage, spam, macaroni and potato salad as well. Adriana orders the traditional Loco Moco. Can either of us finish the whole thing.. You’ll have to watch to find out ! I even dish out a little food history in this one. Be sure to subscribe and turn notifications on to follow along the rest of our adventure around Hawaii .


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Gardena Bowl

We’re Here at Gardena Bowl in Gardena, California eating amazing Japanese and Hawaiian food! Gardena Bowl is the best type of local hawaiian food because it offers great cooking with a home town vibe! Definitely try their combo fried rice complete with Portuguese sausage! Also, try their garlic chicken! Ono grinds! (Good food)

하와이 음식! Awesome Hawaiian Food Island Eats Hale ‘Aina!

이번 에피소는에서 오빠와 철수는 “할레-아이나”라는 하와이언 식당을 찾아가 보았습니다. 켈리포니아는 하와이 다음으로 하와이언들이 가장 많이 살고있습니다. 그래서 로스 앤젤레스에는 최고의 하와이언 음식들이 많이 있습니다. “할레-아이나”에서는 몇대에 걸처서 특별한 조리법을 전수하고 있고 하와이에서 직접 신선한 재료를 수입하는 로스 앤젤레스에 있는 몇 곳 중 하나입니다. 알로하!

On this episode Oppa and 철수 try Hawaiian food at Island Eats Hale ‘Aina. California has the largest population of Hawaiians outside of Hawaii. That’s why Los Angeles has some of the best Hawaiian food. Island Eats Hale ‘Aina uses recipes passed down from generations and is one of the few places in Los Angeles that imports fresh ingredients directly from Hawaii. Aloha!

Vintage Hawaiian – Johnny Nobles/Surfin’ A Go Go/Hawaiian Maoris Preparation/Positive Ukulele
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FOOD TOUR HONOLULU, HAWAII — Hometown CRAVINGS || Life After College: Ep. 561

Doing a Food Eating Tour of Honolulu, Hawaii. Craving some local food after having been away for 3 years! Here’s everything I ate: Hawaiian Food (Pork Lau Lau, Chicken Long Rice), Papaya Acai Bowl, Tsukemen Ramen, Modo Matcha Donuts, Poke Bowl, Liquid Nitrogen Cereal, and MW Restaurant.

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– Flying to Hawaii (saying bye to my Corgi)
– Highway Inn Hawaiian Food: Pork Laulau, Mac Salad, Okinawan Sweet Potato, Haupia, and Chicken Long Rice
– Back home in my childhood room
– My 109 Year Old Great Grandma
– Banan Acai Bowl in Papaya
– Surfing Beach in Diamond Head
– Ala Moana Magic Island Beach Park
– Corsola Pokemon Go in Hawaii
– Waikiki Yokocho and Japanese Ramen Road
– Eating Tsukemen Ramen
– Checking out International Market Place in Waikiki
– Mitsuwa and Modo Japanese Rice Donuts
– Checking out Lucky Strike in Hawaii with my College Friends
– What is Gatsby Up to?
– Da Hawaiian Poke Bowl Co.
– Checking out the new Ewa Wing in Ala Moana
– Shirokiya Japanese Village Food Court
– Cereal Liquid Nitrogen Snack
– Playing the Guitar
– High School Class Reunion
– MW Restaurant Mochi Encrusted Fish over Somen Noodles
– Flying back to California
– Surprising My Dog (Reunion)

ULTIMATE HAWAIIAN FOOD VIDEO! – Hawaiian dishes you have to try on Oahu!

ULTIMATE HAWAIIAN FOOD VIDEO! – Hawaiian dishes you have to try on Oahu! Today we try Hawaiian food! Poke Bowls , Moko Loko, Poi, Lau Lau! This video has got all the yummy Hawaiian treats you want!


Check out the amazing HI Honolulu!

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Hawaii Insiders – Laverns Hawaiian food truck

On this adventure we went to Laverns for one of the best hawaiian plates on the island in our opinion 🙂 The Mahi will definitely have us going back there again so we recommend getting that! the Squid luau was also winnahz! It’s currently located in waikele shopping center next to Pet Depot in the parking lot (In the corner with all the other food trucks). There aren’t any tables so keep that in mind, we just made a little picnic spot on the side. The experience was awesome and we really enjoyed eating there! Comment where you or what you’d like to see us do (or go) next ! thanks for all the support and love

POKE BOWL | Spicy Ahi Tuna and Seared Albacore Tune | AuzSOME AUSTIN | MYO SUSHI Hawaiian food

What is up my AuzSOME Subs! I have missed everyone during my most recent MIA. This was my first time EVER trying a poke bowl….

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The Best Local Hawaiian/Filipino Food Restaurant

Local Hawaiian food and local Filipino food is the best at Tante’s Island Cuisine. Chef Tante Urban is known for his ability to fuse the two together and create a tasty dish that takes the best of both cultures and meld the qualities into one delectable dish that both cultures absolutely love! Like the braised spare ribs loco moco! So delicious and exciting and sexy is the food! The award winning Shrimp Sari Sari is another hit! People fly interisland to just get a bowl of this delcious onolicious meal in a bowl! Tante’s Island Cuisine is the best local hawaiian and local filipino restaurant in Maui Hawaii. Tante’s Island Cuisine is known for their best local Hawaiian food and their awesome tasting local filipino food maui! Chef Tante the owner of Tante’s Island Cuisine has the culinary creations to mix the ethnic cultures to create some really delicious dishes. Also Chef Tante has a special Mahalo Club that is all his Fans that have come together and get discounted savings on their meals that others don’t get. It is an exclusive club of Fans of Tante’s Island Cuisine in fact, he has a whole week of Specials for his Mahalo Club members! For example on Tuesdays Mahalo Club members’ children get to eat FREE! And I believe on Tuesdays Seniors get to get 15% discount by showing their senior ID. The rest of the week has some really delicious meals like Fridays and Mondays are the Prime Rib and Caesar Salad days, Saturdays are $5.00 breakfasts and Thursdays are Braised Short Rib Loco Mocos! Sundays are corned beef and cabbage. All of these promotions are mobile coupons and sent to your smart phone with a nice discount! So save some money by joining the Mahalo Club of Tante’s Island Cuisine and get the best of local Hawaiian food and of the best of local filipino food Maui! Tante’s Island Cuisine is known for Chef Tante’s awarding winning Shrimp Sari Sari Stop by and enjoy the nice ambiance and the best local Hawaiian and Filipino food in Maui Hawaii. Visit or call 1.808.877.0300 7 days weekly

Best Filipino Food on the Big Island?! Hawaii Foodtrip

We checked out the Filipino-Hawaiian restaurant Broke Da Mouth Grindz and tried some of their popular pinoy food. I had the dinuguan fries, pork adobo and garlic furikake chicken. We also stopped by the Scandinavian Shave ice for some dessert!

Places featured:
Broke Da Mouth Grindz
74-5565 Luhia St B-2, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740

Scandinavian Shave Ice
75-5699 Alii Dr, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740