Life in Hawaii | My family arrived! Loco Mocos, Spam, & Chocolate Haupia Pie | Best Hawaiian Food

Woohoo, my family landed in Oahu, Hawaii! I was so excited to have them around. First order of business, we hit up some local plate lunch spots.

Our first pick was Alicia’s Diner, but it was closed due to a crime scene! Our backup plan was Christine’s Diner, and we were so glad we had a chance to stop by. The staff was very friendly, and cranked out 10 plate lunches within 15 minutes! Best part is, it’s close to the airport.

Afterwards, my sister, Doug, David, and Hennessy stayed at a beach house to relax and explore! We ended the night with a slice of Ted’s Chocolate Haupia Cream pie, which we always have every time we go to Oahu.

Thanks for watching, and look out for the next Life in Hawaii vlog for more Oahu and food adventures!

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TRYING LOCO MOCO ?+? Hawaii’s Most Famous Food !

Adriana and I head to Cafe 100 in Hilo, birthplace of the Loco Moco to try out Hawaii’s Most Famous Food in our 2017 Hawaii Life series. I order the Super Loco which has not only the traditional hamburger patty, topped with a sunny side up egg, gravy, and rice.. BUT sausage, spam, macaroni and potato salad as well. Adriana orders the traditional Loco Moco. Can either of us finish the whole thing.. You’ll have to watch to find out ! I even dish out a little food history in this one. Be sure to subscribe and turn notifications on to follow along the rest of our adventure around Hawaii .


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Amazing Hawaiian Poke Bowl at Kahuku Superette

Hawaiian poke, and the poke bowl, is one of my favorite meals. Get details about Kahuku Superette here:

There are lots of reasons to visit Hawaii, but the best reason in my opinion is to take advantage of the delicious food. You’ll find all sorts of, especially Asian food, and a lot of local Hawaiian food as well. One of the ultimate things I love to eat in Hawaii is known as poke. Hawaiian poke is basically cubes of raw fish marinated in a variety of seasonings that usually includes soy sauce and sesame oil, among many different other ingredients depending on what you order.

Normally as soon as possible, after landing in Honolulu, I go straight to the nearest restaurant to grab some fresh poke. It’s like candy for me, and I could eat it every single day of my life – it really is one of my favorite foods in the world. There are all sorts of different types of poke, including spicy ahi poke, shoyu poke, salmon poke, and even poke made with different kinds of seafood. One of the most common and beloved types of Hawaiian poke is made from freshly caught ahi, which is tuna.

Often times poke is bought by the pound, in small plastic containers, and then eaten along with a full Hawaiian style meal, or picnic. Poke goes great with fried chicken, SPAM musubi, fried noodles, or it actually just goes great by itself, or with only a hot fresh bowl of rice. Something that is very popular these days is called a poke bowl. You basically order as much rice as you want, and then they put the raw fish right on top of the hot rice in a bowl. You can get poke bowls all over Hawaii and Honolulu, but one of the best places on the island, is a little convenience store known as Kahuku Superette.

Kahuku Superette is a very average looking shop in the small town of Kahuku, on the island of Oahu. It really doesn’t look like much from the outside, and when you walk in you’ll immediately see mostly beer and drinks that they are selling, and canned goods. But keep walking towards the back of the shop, and that’s when you’ll see the glass cabinet fridge, showcasing a beautiful display of fresh poke. There are only a few choices to choose from at Kahuku Superette, and probably the most popular is their sweet onion shoyu poke. You can order it with no rice, but I think the best way to get it is with hot white rice at the bottom, and at least a half a pound of the poke right on top.

They only have takeaway, so after you order, you can either eat some right there in your car, or you can drive to the nearest beach like we did. Whatever you decide, your mouth is going to be watering as soon as you get your poke bowl. Along with poke at Kahuku Superette, they also have things like kimchi, which also goes great with rice and raw fish.

So we headed to go to the nearest beach, and I was incredibly excited to start digging in. The cubes of fish were literally like butter, extremely tender and just melted in my mouth. The pieces of fish were also extremely flavorful, coated in a wonderful sauce made from lots of sesame oil, soy sauce, and those wonderful sweet onions, and also a hint of chili pepper. The poke bowl, including cold fish along with hot fresh steamed rice, is one of the world’s great combinations, and it never gets old for me.

Kahuku Superette:
Address: 56-505 Kamehameha Highway, Kahuku, HI (not far from the North Shore)
Phone: 96731(808) 293-9878
Hours: Monday through Sunday 6 am — 10 pm

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The Best Hawaiian Food In Los Angeles – Rutt’s Cafe

On this episode of Trucko Tuesday we Try Out Hawaiian Food From Rutt’s Cafe in Culver City . Come join us on our flavorful adventure. For more info on the location click the link below

Rutt’s Cafe:
12114 Washington Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90066


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Awesome Hawaiian Food in Honolulu, Hawaii (Highway Inn Food Review)

Possibly the best Hawaiian Food on the islands, Highway Inn has been serving up favorites since 1947. From laulau and lomi salmon, to loco moco and even Kim Chee fried rice, they have a great selection to choose from. Subscribe for more videos!

Highway Inn

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Hawaii Food: 16 Mouthwatering Hawaiian Dishes!

Go to for lots more tasty street food!

Sure there are lots of beautiful beaches, volcanoes and green mountain in Hawaii, but nothing compares to Hawaiian food.

With a mixture of local and foreign cultures mingled together on the islands of Hawaii, there has been a food development that is one of the tastiest in the world. Local style Hawaii food is a mixture of flavors with many rooted in Asian cuisine.

Throughout this video I’ll give you an overview of the the top 16 Hawaii food dishes you should eat when you visit the islands of Hawaii. You can eat these dishes in Honolulu or even throughout the islands of Hawaii.

In case you want more information, I’ll go ahead and list all the foods right here so you can take a look.

1. SPAM – Yup, it’s one of the most popular things to eat in Hawaii, especially when it’s fried up and served with rice.

2. SPAM Musubi – Spam fried and added to a block of rice and wrapped in seaweed.

3. Portuguese Sausage – Following SPAM, Portuguese sausage is a really popular Hawaiian food for breakfast.

4. Teri Chicken Plate Lunch – The trio of teriyaki chicken, rice and macaroni salad makes a great lunch in Hawaii!

5. Mahi Mahi Plate – I also love to eat plate lunches made from fried mahi mahi fish.

6. Loco Moco – A huge container filled with rice, hamburger patties, eggs and brown gravy on top.

7. Barbecue Ribs – Hawaiian style pork ribs!

8. Chow Fun – Noodles in Chinese style but with an added touch of Hawaiian flavor!

9. Poke – One of my favorite Hawaiian dishes to eat is called Poke, raw cubes of marinated fish – normally ahi tuna.

10. Mussels Poke – Another favorite on the islands is similar to poke but made with mussels instead of fish.

11. Ocean Salad – Seaweed salad marinated in sesame oil.

12. Poi – The traditional staple in the islands is a pudding like paste made from taro root.

13. Laulau – Another Hawaiian staple is laulau made from taro leaves and pork.

14. Malasadas – Sweet Portuguese donuts, deep fried and dusted in sugar granules are absolutely fantastic!

15. Chocolate Haupia Pie – It’s one of the tastiest dessers the islands have to offer – sweet and coconut flavored.

16. Shave Ice – Of all the Hawaii local style food, barely anything is as famous or well loved than shave ice!

Enjoy eating these foods!

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The Food In Hawaii is Not Necessarily Hawaiian — Cooking in America

What does it mean to cook Hawaiian food? This season of Cooking in America, hosted by Hilo native and Top Chef contestant Sheldon Simeon, explores the culinary traditions of the islands, where a mix of transplants and influences and a culture of openness and sharing have created a natural fusion.

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What To Do In Oahu Hawaii

Things To Do In Oahu Hawaii

Oahu, Hawaii’s 3rd largest island, could easily be considered the heart beat of Hawaii. With lush looping mountain trails and paths, to monster waves breaking on the gorgeous north shore golden beaches, to beaches where the turtles are swimming right along with you, down to wonderful local country stores and shops and discovering the uniqueness of Hawaiian culture, where do you begin?

With limited time and a boat load of things to see and do, here’s a list of attractions and casual things to do in Oahu, that I hope will help you determine what you’d like to put in your plans!

Snorkeling in the beautiful Hanauma Bay Park

The Hanauma Bay Nature Park is actually a State Underwater Park and is a local paradise for even the novice of snorkelers! The area around the bay is the result of the ocean’s breach and thrust into two volcano craters. In addition to the awesome swimming and snorkeling areas, there are also hiking trails with beautiful vistas and plenty of hiking and picnicking sites.

Take an Eco Adventure Tour and swim with marine life

This is a great way to discover whales, dolphins and sea turtles with local nature-tour operators who are filled with knowledge and carry a deep rooted respect for marine animals in their natural habitat. Cruise out to sea in a relaxed atmosphere and view the gorgeous mountainous shorelines and pristine beaches. This journey is sure to make memories of a lifetime! Don’t forget your camera!

A must do is a Hawaii Luau!

A Hawaiian Luau, based on traditional Hawaiian feasts, has become a rite of passage for all tourists and visitors! You can expect a exciting show, a huge delicious buffet and a true authentic Hawaiian ritual experience!

Feeling the Hawaiian mojo? Try your hand at surfing!

What was once the sport of ancient Hawaiian royalty, you can find lessons right on Waikiki Beach. The surf is not aggressive and is great for beginners and kids as young as eight can try! If that’s too much adventure for you and you’re there in the winter, try heading on up to the north shore and watch some of the pros compete on the giant surf!

Climb Diamond Head Volcano

One of the most famous volcanic craters in the world, Diamond Head is located on the southeast coast of Waikiki. It is an easy to moderate hike that is well worth the effort when you see the spectacular view of the entire west side of the island from Waikiki to Koki Head. Pack a lunch and have a nice picinic at the top. It’s a wonderful experience.

Visit the Hawaii Polynesian Cultural Center

It’s your opportunity to visit seven Polynesian Islands in just one afternoon! Your visit will give you a chance to learn and interact with the people of Hawaii, Samoa, Maori New Zealand, Fiji, Tahiti, the Marquesas and Tonga. You can also see the world-famous and largest night show, Horizons: Where the Sea Meets the Sky.

And of course Waikiki Beach!

The place where you can sun, surf, swim and sail by day and dine, dance and party by night! Waikiki is truly legendary and fun and one of the best things that you can do in Oahu. Beyond the beautiful sand and surf, you can stroll along the flagstone walkway where you’ll see fountains, rock pools, statues and surfboard signs that teach you a bit about its history! Waikiki is one of the world’s most famous and most filmed beachs. It actually consists of nine individually named beaches which stretch along two miles of shoreline. It is filled with wonderful Aloha and it is also one of the most crowded!

Although this is just a very small portion of things to do in Oahu, I hope that this has helped you to discover a little bit about what this truly magnificent island has to offer!