TRYING LOCO MOCO ?+? Hawaii’s Most Famous Food !

Adriana and I head to Cafe 100 in Hilo, birthplace of the Loco Moco to try out Hawaii’s Most Famous Food in our 2017 Hawaii Life series. I order the Super Loco which has not only the traditional hamburger patty, topped with a sunny side up egg, gravy, and rice.. BUT sausage, spam, macaroni and potato salad as well. Adriana orders the traditional Loco Moco. Can either of us finish the whole thing.. You’ll have to watch to find out ! I even dish out a little food history in this one. Be sure to subscribe and turn notifications on to follow along the rest of our adventure around Hawaii .


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Alicia’s Market is The Spot For Authentic Poke In Honolulu — Dining on a Dime

In this week’s episode of Dining on a Dime, host Lucas Peterson visits the Kalihi neighborhood of Honolulu in search of some of Oahu’s best poke. He finds it at Alicia’s Market, a mom-and-pop store and prepared foods counter that opened on Mokauea Street in 1949.

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Lau Laus and Pork Adobo Bring a Little Bit of Hawaiʻi to Seattle— Cooking in America

“I’m excited to taste a little bit of Hawaiʻi,” says host Sheldon Simeon on his way to Kauai Family Restaurant — a Hawaiian restaurant in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood. Simeon grew up Hilo, a town on the Big Island, and it’s not lost on him that he’s finding the comforting food of his home all the way in Seattle.

Eater is the one-stop-shop for food and restaurant obsessives across the country. With features, explainers, animations, recipes, and more — it’s the most indulgent food content around. So get hungry.

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Big Island Sam’s Restaurant | Breakfast All Day, Lunch, Dinner | Amazing Hawaiian Food Near Me

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133 South State St.
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The Aloha Spirit From the cascading waters of Akaka Falls, to the mountains of Kohala where ancient rulers once walked sacred grounds, to the sparkling sands of Anaehoomalu and where lava continues to flow from Pele’s domain, Big Isaland Sams brings to you from across the blue Pacific waters, unique comfort foods only to be enhanced by excellent customer service. This is where you may come hungry but you will always leave satisfied…

Join us and experience the spirit of aloha as we bring you the scents, sound, flavor and beauty of our island splendor.
133 South State St.
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Best Hawaiian Food.

I went to Homestyle Hawaiian Restaurant last week and I ended going back the next day. It is located next to Kearny High School and a few blocks from Mesa College. The food is full of flavor and the portions are big. The place is very small and parking is hard to find. Go early or order by phone and enjoy. Please follow my YouTube and my Instagram account. They are both named allaboutsd. Thank you!!!


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Good Mexican Food in Hawaii? YOU BETCHA!! Taqueria El Ranchero in Wahiawa –

Stopped by for a carne asada burrito, and what a treat that was!! So happy to see good Mexican food finally make it’s way to Hawaii.

The Food Truck a quintessential Hawaiian food experience!

We stop in this place in the north shore of Oahu: Giovanni’s shrimp truck. I wanted to eat shrimp and also we were quite hungry so I felt it was a good combination to try a food truck.

I have to agree that they guy who invented food trucks make the most of a simple idea:
I get a truck, I get food and then I have a food truck!
Simple but effective. Then it came Giovanni and added shrimps to the truck to get the mother of all food trucks: a shrimp-food-truck… the guy was a genius!

At this time in my life I have learnt that there are no shrimps as tasty as the Mediterranean shrimp (gamba roja). However I am a fair person and I always give an opportunity to all shrimps in the world to see if they can prove me wrong.

Although Giovanni’s truck did not prove me wrong, we still enjoyed a delicious plate of seafood.
Their menu is quite simple, you just have a choice of shrimp scampi, the hot and spicy version, or the lemon shrimp recipe, any of those for $13.5. If you have a problem with seafood then you have the option of the jumbo hot dog for $3.5.

I decided to go for the shrimp scampi and to complement it with the jumbo hot dog. Great experience, but several months later I still can feel the garlic in my mouth. Certainly if you are not into garlic, Giovanni’s food truck is not your kind of place!