Teppanyaki LOBSTER & STEAK – Amazing Knife Skills and Fire Cooking in Waikiki, Hawaii!

First time eating teppanyaki in Waikiki, Hawaii!
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NOTE: This video is not sponsored, I paid for this meal in full. But Barry was able to ensure that he got to cook for us. Thanks Barry!

Tanaka of Tokyo Restaurant

During my visit to Honolulu, Hawaii to visit family I started posting some photos on Instagram. I got a message from Barry, who is a world renowned teppanyaki chef expert – he’s even traveling the world teaching how to cook teppanyaki. So when he asked if I would come in to the restaurant he works at, and he would do the cooking, I knew it would be a great opportunity – not only for the food but for the amazing cooking skill.

Tanaka of Tokyo is Japanese teppanyaki restaurant in Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii. There’s an interesting history surrounding teppanyaki – it’s a Japanese meal, although it was invited to cook Western style. Funny thing is, it’s more popular outside of Japan than in Japan, and I’ve never even had it in Japan. So this was my first time to really have a proper teppanyaki meal.

I asked the waitress what she recommended and it was a set that included lobster, steak, and scallops, plus some Hawaiian style poke to begin with.

Our entire teppanyaki meal was extremely entertaining. The food was delicious and very high quality, but the cooking and show was a highlight. Our whole family enjoyed it from the start to finish. Barry is an amazing chef and he has incredible knife and fire skills!

Eating teppanyaki at Tanaka of Tokyo is not a cheap meal, but you not only pay for the food, but for the entire dining show.

Total price – $213.30

Special thanks to Barry for his amazing cooking!

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하와이 음식! Awesome Hawaiian Food Island Eats Hale ‘Aina!

이번 에피소는에서 오빠와 철수는 “할레-아이나”라는 하와이언 식당을 찾아가 보았습니다. 켈리포니아는 하와이 다음으로 하와이언들이 가장 많이 살고있습니다. 그래서 로스 앤젤레스에는 최고의 하와이언 음식들이 많이 있습니다. “할레-아이나”에서는 몇대에 걸처서 특별한 조리법을 전수하고 있고 하와이에서 직접 신선한 재료를 수입하는 로스 앤젤레스에 있는 몇 곳 중 하나입니다. 알로하!

On this episode Oppa and 철수 try Hawaiian food at Island Eats Hale ‘Aina. California has the largest population of Hawaiians outside of Hawaii. That’s why Los Angeles has some of the best Hawaiian food. Island Eats Hale ‘Aina uses recipes passed down from generations and is one of the few places in Los Angeles that imports fresh ingredients directly from Hawaii. Aloha!

Vintage Hawaiian – Johnny Nobles/Surfin’ A Go Go/Hawaiian Maoris Preparation/Positive Ukulele
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

FOOD TOUR HONOLULU, HAWAII — Hometown CRAVINGS || Life After College: Ep. 561

Doing a Food Eating Tour of Honolulu, Hawaii. Craving some local food after having been away for 3 years! Here’s everything I ate: Hawaiian Food (Pork Lau Lau, Chicken Long Rice), Papaya Acai Bowl, Tsukemen Ramen, Modo Matcha Donuts, Poke Bowl, Liquid Nitrogen Cereal, and MW Restaurant.

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Hawaii Insiders – Laverns Hawaiian food truck

On this adventure we went to Laverns for one of the best hawaiian plates on the island in our opinion 🙂 The Mahi will definitely have us going back there again so we recommend getting that! the Squid luau was also winnahz! It’s currently located in waikele shopping center next to Pet Depot in the parking lot (In the corner with all the other food trucks). There aren’t any tables so keep that in mind, we just made a little picnic spot on the side. The experience was awesome and we really enjoyed eating there! Comment where you or what you’d like to see us do (or go) next ! thanks for all the support and love

Alicia’s Market is The Spot For Authentic Poke In Honolulu — Dining on a Dime

In this week’s episode of Dining on a Dime, host Lucas Peterson visits the Kalihi neighborhood of Honolulu in search of some of Oahu’s best poke. He finds it at Alicia’s Market, a mom-and-pop store and prepared foods counter that opened on Mokauea Street in 1949.

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Helenas Hawaiian Food Honolulu Oahu Hawaii [TRAVELBLOGTROPICAL.COM] – Scott Sylvan Bell

Helana’s Hawaiian Food has amazing tasting food located in the Honolulu area. The Ahi Poke with Opihi was amazing, the kalua pork was juicy and was beyond description, the pipikaula ribs were out of this world and the haupia was a great way to finish off the lunch. Helena’s food is great. You will want to save some extra time for parking and waiting in line or you can get your order for take out.

This video was filmed at Helena’s Hawaiian Food & Ala Moana Beach Park


Tropical travel guide Scott Sylvan Bell


Tasting Traditional Hawaiian Food | Expedia Viewfinder Travel Blog

Tawny Clark of Captain and Clark from the Expedia Viewfinder travel blog shares how to enjoy some of her favorite traditional Hawaiian food. Whether you’re going back to Hawaii or visiting for the first time, her suggestion is to get a plate lunch. They’re easy to take on the road, they’re very affordable, and you can try an array of Hawaiian favorites.

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How To Make Salmon-Avocado Poke — Amazing Hawaiian Food Recipe

Here is something different from the norm on my channel. Today I will be showing you guys my recipe for Salmon Poke. This is a simple recipe and you too can make poke easy and fast at home.
Prep Time: ~10-15minutes
You can eat this after you mix all ingredients together or let it set in the fridge to marinate for a couple hours for a richer flavor.
Sorry I didn’t have any ogo seaweed on hand for this video.
I don’t like to add salt in this recipe because it already gets a salty flavor from the soy sauce.