POKE BOWL | Spicy Ahi Tuna and Seared Albacore Tune | AuzSOME AUSTIN | MYO SUSHI Hawaiian food

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POKE BOWL | Spicy Ahi Tuna and Seared Albacore Tune | AuzSOME AUSTIN | MYO SUSHI Hawaiian food

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Alicia’s Market is The Spot For Authentic Poke In Honolulu — Dining on a Dime

In this week’s episode of Dining on a Dime, host Lucas Peterson visits the Kalihi neighborhood of Honolulu in search of some of Oahu’s best poke. He finds it at Alicia’s Market, a mom-and-pop store and prepared foods counter that opened on Mokauea Street in 1949.

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Salmon Poke Bowl By Brooke Williamson

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Here is what you’ll need!


6 ounces fresh salmon
1 ounce Persian cucumber, cubed small
1 ounce tomato, cubed small
1 ounce scallion, sliced
1 ounce onion, diced
2 ounces shoyu dressing
12 ounces cooked short grain sushi rice
Nori, sliced (roasted, unseasoned seaweed)

Shoyu Sauce
1 teaspoon fresh ginger, grated
1-2 cloves garlic, grated
1 cup soy sauce
¼ cup granulated sugar
¾ cup rice vinegar
¼ cup mirin
¼ cup sesame oil

1. Place salmon on a wire rack and season with salt on both sides. Cover and refrigerate for 2 hours.
2. Take cured salmon out of the refrigerator, rinse and pat dry. Slice into cubes.
3. Mix salmon, cucumber, tomato, scallion, and onion in a bowl.
4. In another bowl, combine the ingredients for the shoyu sauce. Add sugar as early as possible so all the grains are dissolved.
5. Spoon shoyu dressing on poke bowl.
6. In a small bowl, add cooked rice, top with poke ingredients, and spoon additional shoyu dressing to taste.
7. Garnish with sliced nori and serve immediately!

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Brooke Williamson

Amazing Hawaiian Poke Bowl at Kahuku Superette

Hawaiian poke, and the poke bowl, is one of my favorite meals. Get details about Kahuku Superette here: http://migrationology.com/2012/04/hawaiian-poke-bowl-kahuku-superette/

There are lots of reasons to visit Hawaii, but the best reason in my opinion is to take advantage of the delicious food. You’ll find all sorts of, especially Asian food, and a lot of local Hawaiian food as well. One of the ultimate things I love to eat in Hawaii is known as poke. Hawaiian poke is basically cubes of raw fish marinated in a variety of seasonings that usually includes soy sauce and sesame oil, among many different other ingredients depending on what you order.

Normally as soon as possible, after landing in Honolulu, I go straight to the nearest restaurant to grab some fresh poke. It’s like candy for me, and I could eat it every single day of my life – it really is one of my favorite foods in the world. There are all sorts of different types of poke, including spicy ahi poke, shoyu poke, salmon poke, and even poke made with different kinds of seafood. One of the most common and beloved types of Hawaiian poke is made from freshly caught ahi, which is tuna.

Often times poke is bought by the pound, in small plastic containers, and then eaten along with a full Hawaiian style meal, or picnic. Poke goes great with fried chicken, SPAM musubi, fried noodles, or it actually just goes great by itself, or with only a hot fresh bowl of rice. Something that is very popular these days is called a poke bowl. You basically order as much rice as you want, and then they put the raw fish right on top of the hot rice in a bowl. You can get poke bowls all over Hawaii and Honolulu, but one of the best places on the island, is a little convenience store known as Kahuku Superette.

Kahuku Superette is a very average looking shop in the small town of Kahuku, on the island of Oahu. It really doesn’t look like much from the outside, and when you walk in you’ll immediately see mostly beer and drinks that they are selling, and canned goods. But keep walking towards the back of the shop, and that’s when you’ll see the glass cabinet fridge, showcasing a beautiful display of fresh poke. There are only a few choices to choose from at Kahuku Superette, and probably the most popular is their sweet onion shoyu poke. You can order it with no rice, but I think the best way to get it is with hot white rice at the bottom, and at least a half a pound of the poke right on top.

They only have takeaway, so after you order, you can either eat some right there in your car, or you can drive to the nearest beach like we did. Whatever you decide, your mouth is going to be watering as soon as you get your poke bowl. Along with poke at Kahuku Superette, they also have things like kimchi, which also goes great with rice and raw fish.

So we headed to go to the nearest beach, and I was incredibly excited to start digging in. The cubes of fish were literally like butter, extremely tender and just melted in my mouth. The pieces of fish were also extremely flavorful, coated in a wonderful sauce made from lots of sesame oil, soy sauce, and those wonderful sweet onions, and also a hint of chili pepper. The poke bowl, including cold fish along with hot fresh steamed rice, is one of the world’s great combinations, and it never gets old for me.

Kahuku Superette:
Address: 56-505 Kamehameha Highway, Kahuku, HI (not far from the North Shore)
Phone: 96731(808) 293-9878
Hours: Monday through Sunday 6 am — 10 pm

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Best Cheap Eats in Maui Hawaii

The top 8 best places to eat in Maui that are tasty and easy on your wallet! Featuring some of the best and cheap Poke, Fish Tacos, Burgers, Shave Ice, Plate Lunches, and Noodles.

Table of contents:
00:21 Eskimo Candy
00:59 Paia Fish Market
01:34 Hapa Shack Shave Ice & Espresso
03:21 Da Kitchen
04:12 Coconut’s Fish Cafe
05:25 Star Noodle
06:12 Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice
07:06 Teddy’s Bigger Burgers

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MY FIRST TIME TRYING (Eps. #13): HAWAIIAN FOOD! (Spam, Loco Moco, Etc.)

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Helenas Hawaiian Food Honolulu Oahu Hawaii [TRAVELBLOGTROPICAL.COM] – Scott Sylvan Bell

Helana’s Hawaiian Food has amazing tasting food located in the Honolulu area. The Ahi Poke with Opihi was amazing, the kalua pork was juicy and was beyond description, the pipikaula ribs were out of this world and the haupia was a great way to finish off the lunch. Helena’s food is great. You will want to save some extra time for parking and waiting in line or you can get your order for take out.

This video was filmed at Helena’s Hawaiian Food & Ala Moana Beach Park


Tropical travel guide Scott Sylvan Bell


How To Make Salmon-Avocado Poke — Amazing Hawaiian Food Recipe

Here is something different from the norm on my channel. Today I will be showing you guys my recipe for Salmon Poke. This is a simple recipe and you too can make poke easy and fast at home.
Prep Time: ~10-15minutes
You can eat this after you mix all ingredients together or let it set in the fridge to marinate for a couple hours for a richer flavor.
Sorry I didn’t have any ogo seaweed on hand for this video.
I don’t like to add salt in this recipe because it already gets a salty flavor from the soy sauce.

Poke Wave Takes Over Queens! Hawaiian Food – Healthy Eats | NYC Food Guide – LifewithAnnaBee

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Aloha! We absolutely adore Poke Wave. Having now been to both locations, it remains consistent with taste and service. Both are welcoming and the Astoria location can host larger parties compared to Flushing. However, Flushing will still be our main go to spot for Poke since it is closer to home.

If you haven’t had Poke before, go for the signature or house poke bowls to start, since these will have the best combinations in ingredients. Poke is delicious, flavorful and healthy. A definite must try. So if you want a yummy, healthy and affordable meal, head on down to Poke Wave. Thank you again for watching and we’ll see you on our next food adventure! Salamat!

Poke Wave – Astoria
35-07 Broadway
Astoria, NY 11106

Poke Wave – Flushing
135-27 Roosevelt Avenue
Flushing, NY 11354

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