🍵 foodie diaries ‧₊˚ making lattes, milk frother, hawaiian food + karaoke in SF ft. maestri house

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FOOD TOUR with Locals in Waikiki! || [Oahu, Hawaii] Food Crawl!

ALOHA🌺 Come with us as us locals walk around Waikiki on a Food tour! We try some new places in Hawaii for his food crawl!
We want to highlight local businesses in Hawaii and in order for mom and pop businesses to stay in business we try to support as many local businesses as we can!

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✨About us✨

We are Amanda and Felix. We are a born and raised Hawaii based local couple who loves to eat and explore 🌎 !
Please subscribe for endless food and travel adventures. You’ll get an inside look at what its like to live, eat, and adventure in Hawaii! We hope to educate and inspire you to travel and adventure too! Come along with us on this journey and see the world through our eyes!


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FOOD TOUR with Locals in Waikiki! || [Oahu, Hawaii] Food Crawl!