Mexican tries Hawaiian Food For the First time

I got the opportunity to try this amazing food at the Avondale market!

Make sure to follow them for dates and events in Avondale, Auckland.

And go give some love to the bro at his delicious food!

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Asian Food In Hawaii

I had a nice lunch with my friends at Qing Mu which was next to 1938 Indochine. It served Vietnamese street food and I must say the food was good ????.

Qing Mu is at 602 Ala Moana Blvd. , Honolulu , HI 96813 located in 1938 Indochine.

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How to Make CHICKEN KATSU at Home (Simple Recipe) with The Sushi Man

The simplest 4 ingredient recipe for traditional chicken katsu! That’s right, you only need four ingredients to make this delicious, perfectly crispy chicken katsu that will for sure satisfy any fried chicken lover’s tastebuds. I also show you how to make sengiri kyabetsu (Japanese shredded cabbage) and homemade tonkatsu sauce. So if you want to become a katsu pro, be sure to watch this video. Enjoy!

00:00 Intro
00:41 Ingredients
02:11 Preparation
08:03 Frying
11:22 Cutting
11:45 Plating

Miso Soup –

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How to Make Sushi at Home – A Fundamental Guide for Beginners and Beyond


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Raised in a restaurant household, Jun’s love for food began at a very early age. His parents have owned and operated a Japanese restaurant for over 30 years where he practiced and honed his culinary skills.

Somewhat forced upon, he was taught the art of sushi making in his teenage years. He quickly fell in love not only with the art but the endless opportunities that came with it.

He has traveled around the globe to try different styles of sushi, most importantly to Japan.

After college, Jun had taken an opportunity to live in the motherland of sushi, working for something completely outside the culinary field. In those two years his appreciation of the culture, people, history and food deepened.

He became addicted to the food scene and found himself traveling from one end of the island to the other, eating and drinking some of the best foods and drinks he’s ever had. This experience became the seed which eventually bloomed to become The Sushi Man.

Hawaiian Language: Cooking Kulolo with Tuti Kanahele

Join Anake Tuti as she takes you through the process of making “Kulolo”, a delicious hawaiian dessert made primarily from kalo, coconut milk, and sugar. And the best part? She does it all in #olelohawaii (hawaiian language).

If you enjoyed this video and are interested in learning to speak Hawaiian or are familiar with the language and would like to attain fluency, follow the link below to our online language courses and e-books. Subscribe and stay tuned for more videos with Tuti and more future guests.

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