Best Italian Food in Hawaii: FRESH PASTA Alert! |Local Food Review | Oahu| Honolulu| Baci Bistro

Come with us to Baci Bistro in Kailua, Hawaii on the island of Oahu. (Honolulu)
Baci Bistro restaurant Opened in 1997. Baci Bistro has signature Italian cuisine with a European flair. BEST ON ISLAND, HANDS DOWN! This is a hidden gem restaurant.

The ambience to this restaurant is absolutely stunning taking you from Sunny Hawaii to the streets of Italy. Fresh made Pasta. made to order meals, fresh handmade cocktails and the best customer service.

Are you traveling to Honolulu, Hawaii, Oahu, Waikiki or Kailua you found a hidden gem for Italian Food.

If you’re not local to Hawaii, you have probably never been before- but now you got the Foodie Friday Italian scoop!

Hawaii Foodie Friday gives this A HIGH Recommendation. Check it out.

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Baci Bistro

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Video highlights

0:02 Employee Favorite (Isiah)
0:22 Shanni & Tee (Loves Baci Bistro)
0:49 Foodie Friday Intro Song
1:03 Foodie Friday Intro
1:30 Parking at Baci Bistro

1:54 Shout Out to Robert Carlos – Viewer

2:07 Welcome to Hawaii (Drive on Highway)
4:06 Welcome to Kailua Hawaii
4:54 Baci Bistro Italian Menu
5:20 Inside Baci Bistro

6:02 Shanni Review – Daily Special Short Ribs with Risotto
7:39 Tee Review Truffle Gnocchi- Facebook Voting Winner

10:05 Shanni & Tee Review of Dessert Creme Brûlée and Mascarpone Cheesecake – THE FOOD
10:20 Shanni Review on Cheesecake
11:12 Shanni Review on Creme Brûlée

11:44 Tee Review on Cheesecake
12:22 Tee Gets Real
12:58 Tee Review on Creme Brûlée
13:37 Tee Blooper- Can’t pronounce Cinnamon

14:07 Tee and Shanni Final Foodie Thoughts

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